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Prepackaged Software in Vancouver, BC

    • Phone: 770-400-9545
      VertexPlus Technologies Limited is a Global Technology Company delivering excellence across different industry verticals. With more than a decade's experience in providing innovative technology ...more
    • Phone: 778-907-1015
      JetStream transfers your large files with blazing speed, enterprise reliability, and foremost security – with the ease and simplicity your teams deserve. 100x faster than FTP.
  • Dynamsoft Corp.
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 887-605-5491
      Dynamsoft Corp. is a software company based in Vancouver. It provides software development kit, or SDK, solutions to help developers meet document imaging, scanning and barcode reader application ...more
  • Aprio
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 604-684-9943
      Is your board of directors buried in paper before every meetings? With Aprio board communication software, your board of directors can revise materials, vote electronically, and keep on top ...more
  • Saintcode
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 604-800-0464, Fax: 604-800-0464
      We’re Vancouver’s affordable, website design, development, and SEO company, serving organizations in British Columbia and around the world. From Logo, UX design to content strategy, Mobile ...more
  • FiduciaSoft LLC
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 330-800-0247
      FiduciaSoft is a team of certified developers with extensive development experience for Acumatica, Sage, MS Dynamics, RFID, and others. Here at FiduciaSoft, we deal with a technology stack selection, ...more
  • ABOMIS Innovations Inc.
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 604-256-4756
      ABOMIS is a Canadian software solution company that provides IT solutions and services for small, medium-sized and low-cost airlines, airports, ground handlers, and charter companies through ...more
    • Phone: 604-688-4332
      Incognito Software Systems Inc. provides service orchestration software and services solutions that help fixed service providers manage the next generation in-home broadband experience. Our ...more
  • Payvoice
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 604-773-4232
      Payvoice uses Stripe to process credit card payments. By connecting your existing Stripe account or creating a new account, you can start using Payvoice. You can automate the subscription lifecycles ...more
  • VersaFile Inc
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 778-383-1850
    Our extensive experience with legacy ECM and RM solutions, as well as today’s intelligent cloud content services has allowed us to see what clients need repeatedly, enabling us to offer pre-packaged ...more
  • Phone: 800-608-0081
    D3 Security was founded in 2004 so that organizations could fully leverage data-driven decision-making in their security operations. Our dedicated team has been at the forefront of rapid incident ...more
  • Neo Code
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-638-0668
    Solutions to your hardest IT problems. FileMaker Developer Experts Custom Business Software. Applications For Health Care, FileMaker Training, FileMaker Consulting & Hosting, LAMP Hosting, Part ...more
  • RoomKeyPMS
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-984-6001, Fax: 604-984-6006
    RoomKeyPMS is cloud-powered software that lets you run your hotel while tracking every detail, and connecting to hospitality systems across all of your locations. We’re here to make hotel management ...more
  • TetraNoodle
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-897-0195
    TetraNoodle was established in 2000 and since then it is providing 360° tech product management solutions, enabling businesses to succeed. We offer a wide spectrum of Software and Cloud Computing ...more
  • Hosty Technologies Inc.
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-443-2377
    Vacation rental property management software focusing on Airbnb property managers. We help you automate your vacation rental business with powerful property management tools.
  • Phone: 844-268-4766
    Cothrom Systems Corporation is a value added reseller for enterprise software from Epicor, MCS, and XSOL: Epicor ERP 10, MCSrm, XSOL InOrder. Our solutions fit businesses in the manufacturing, ...more
  • ATBOS Software Inc.
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-639-2011, Fax: 604-639-2011
    Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Atbos Software Inc. is a subsidiary technology company for European wholesale trade of mobile devices industry leader. Atbos Software was founded ...more
  • Nova Solutions Vancouver
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-780-1238
    There are many strategies that Vancouver businesses use to gain an edge over their competition online. But when proper planning, time and expertise are not present in these strategies they can ...more
  • Metasoft Systems Inc.
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-683-6711, Fax: 604-683-6704
    Comprehensive funding resources, services and online education for the non-profit sector.
  • SalesCloser
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-428-1631
    SalesCloser was created to address every major problem your sales managers currently have by providing a platform that enables your teams to be in sync, always. Our goal is to help you ...more
  • RadiumCRM
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 661-748-0240
    RadiumCRM is the business component to Gmail. It's a light, ultra-quick system to wipe out your tedious tasks and help you stay on top of your relationships.
  • Phone: 604-630-5737, Fax: 604-630-8792
    Welcome to DCS Technologies Inc. We are IT technological solution providers specializing in POS software that records everyday itemized sale that happens at your business premises, it also maintains ...more
  • Go Clio
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 888-858-2546
    Clio makes practice management easy with a suite of web-based tools targeted at small to mid-sized law firms.
  • Simba Technologies Inc.
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-633-0008, Fax: 604-633-0004
    Data access and analytics products and solutions.
  • Dolphin Enterprises Ltd.
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-685-6721, Fax: 604-685-6731
    Mortgage, Investment Management, software
  • Phone: 604-801-6461, Fax: 604-801-6417
    SIC Code 7371 Computer Programming Service SIC Code 7372 Prepackaged Software
  • Verb Exchange Inc.
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 866-824-8938, Fax: 866-824-8938
    Technology - Communication Software
  • Phone: 604-676-5480, Fax: 604-676-5490
    e-Learning solutions
  • Phone: 604-601-8000, Fax: 604-601-8001
    Provider of customer relationship management software (CRM software) and contact management software solutions.
  • Phone: 604-261-6313, Fax: 604-261-9226
  • Illusion Systems Inc
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-685-1251, Fax: 604-685-5198
    Computer Software-manufacturers
  • Phone: 604-662-8522, Fax: 604-662-8525
    Computer Software-manufacturers
  • Phone: 604-606-1550, Fax: 604-606-1565
    Computer Software-manufacturers
  • Versatile Systems Inc.
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-683-2915, Fax: 604-683-2965
    Software, hardware and system integration services for wired and wireless mobile business solutions.
  • Synex International Inc
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-688-8271, Fax: 604-688-1286
    Electric Services
  • Pivotal Corporation
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-699-8000, Fax: 604-699-8001
    Computer software services.
  • Net Soft Systems Inc.
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-633-1191, Fax: 604-633-1192
    Technology - Software
  • Phone: 604-606-2030, Fax: 604-606-2040
    Technology - Software
  • Fincentric Corporation
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-278-6470, Fax: 604-214-4900
    Financial software
  • Stargarden Group
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-451-0500, Fax: 604-451-0578
    Human resourses and payroll software.