Here are some our most frequently asked questions on Profile Canada

I cannot add a business city to my listing. Help!
Profile Canada has a drop down option for you to your desired city from. Try typing in the first two or three letters in your city name, the city should then appear in the drop down menu. Please note that if you have your auto fill option on your browser on, it will automatically put in the city you are located in.

I am having trouble finding a business category that relates to my industry.
Profile Canada uses specific SIC codes for business categories. This means that you are unable to add categories yourself. We have a pre-set list of categories that may relate to your business. Try searching broader terms if you having difficulties finding a category.

How can I add a business category to my listing?
Once you have found a business category that you would like to add to your listing, check off the categories in the table that you would like move forward with and click "Add to Company List". Remember that you must add at least one product category to list on Profile Canada.

I want to be ranked on Profile Canada before my competition. How can I do this?
Here at Profile Canada we have many options to not only rank your listing but also rank your website at an affordable price. Visit our Advertising Page to get more information on how we can help.