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Bars and Pubs in Vancouver, BC

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  • East Side Craft House
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 604-324-1400, Fax: 604-324-4014
      Independantly owned neighbourhood pub. We proudly pour 16 taps of draft beer from Vancouver breweries. We grill our burgers fresh and keep our french fries crisp. We have restaurant style dining, ...more
  • Phone: 604-803-0612
    We are a paper straw manufacturing company
  • The Alchemist Magazine
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-366-0368
    The Alchemist is the one and only magazine dedicated to the local distilleries and cocktail culture. Visit us online and have a look today.
  • BC Kitchen
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 778-370-8300
    HOURS FOR THIS RESTAURANT Sunday – Thursday: 11AM – Midnight Friday & Saturday: 11AM – 2AM
  • Pat's Pub
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-255-4301
    "Hastings Mill Brewing Company is named after the sawmill that was located at the foot of Dunlevy at the turn of the 19th century. Originally opened in 1867 as Stamp’s Mill, the mill was later ...more
  • Blue Horizon Hotel
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-688-1411, Fax: 604-688-4461
    Located at the crossroads of the West End and downtown Vancouver, We are an independent Boutique hotel located on Robson Street, at the junction of downtown Vancouver and the community of the ...more
  • Vancouver Latin Fever
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-722-1559
    Vancouver Latin Fever is your online guide for Salsa dancing Events and Latin Clubs in the city. The most complete information above Salsa Events, dance instructors, free salsa classes, Latin ...more
  • The Keefer Bar
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-688-1961
    The Keefer Bar is a place where you can come to escape the rush and unwind in a unique atmosphere where cocktails, food and music are in harmony. The intricately designed cocktail program focuses ...more
  • Lux Lounge
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-559-5533
    At Lux Lounge in Vancouver, customers come for the food and stay for the entertainment. Our chefs create masterpieces for your mouth, and your taste buds will come alive when you indulge in ...more
  • Phone: 604-685-7502
    Downtown Vancouver's top steakhouse is quickly becoming it's number one bar as well. Delicious Keg steak and seafood plus signature cocktails and martinis. They say any night out in Downtown ...more
  • Phone: 604-734-1205
    Make yourself at home at The Cove Neighbourhood Pub. Only a 10 min walk from the sea, The Cove Pub is a cozy neighbourhood establishment in Kitsilano, where you can unwind after work, meet ...more
  • Phone: 604-715-2726
    Vancouver’s most comprehensive online patio guide. Search Vancouver patios by neighborhood, type, cuisine, view, amenities, sun or shade. Cheap happy hour & drink specials.
  • Charlie's Little Italian
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-877-8582
    A fast-paced, hip, neighbourhood pasta joint, evoking memories of a bygone era. A value driven menu featuring traditional pasta dishes, antipasti, salads and hand-tossed garlic breads, classic ...more
  • Bar-None
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-689-7000, Fax: 604-689-7010
    Best New York Style Nightclub in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Phone: 604-681-3343
    The Edge Social Grille & Lounge, is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver's Granville Entertainment District. We promise to deliver a fun dining experience with great service in a modern-yet-comfortable ...more
  • Grand Union Hotel
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-681-6611, Fax: 604-681-6611
    Hotels & Motels
  • Darby D Dawes Pub
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-731-0617, Fax: 604-731-9979
  • Phone: 604-688-0871, Fax: 604-688-8393
    Asian food products.
  • Shine Night Club
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-408-4321, Fax: 604-408-4378
    Night Clubs
  • Cheshire Cheese Inn
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-261-2834, Fax: 604-263-2854
  • Cecil Hotel
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-683-8505, Fax: 604-683-5717
  • Bimini Beer & Wine Store
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-738-2714, Fax: 604-732-7665
    Retails of Wine and Beer Store
  • The Arbutus Club
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-266-7166, Fax: 604-264-5920
    Private Club
  • Phone: 604-822-2901, Fax: 604-822-9019
    Retails Drinking Place
  • Waldorf Hotel Ltd
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-253-7141, Fax: 604-255-8454
  • Phone: 604-254-5466, Fax: 604-254-5418
    Retails - Drinking Places (Alcoholic Breverage
  • Au Bar
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-648-2227, Fax: 604-648-2228
  • White Spot Restaurants
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-321-6631, Fax: 604-325-1499
    Retails - Eating Places
  • Shaughnessy Village
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-736-5511, Fax: 604-737-1321
  • Phone: 604-266-7171, Fax: 604-267-4301
  • Phone: 604-732-0112, Fax: 604-732-3664
  • Phone: 604-662-3431, Fax: 604-662-7273
  • Crush Champagne Lounge
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-684-0355, Fax: 604-684-0354
  • Club Dabong
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-669-9933
  • Fred's Tavern
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-605-4350
  • Drink Cabaret
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-687-1307
  • Gastown Comedy Store
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-682-1727
  • Fountainhead Pub
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-687-2222, Fax: 604-687-2303
  • Skybar
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-697-9199
  • Skybar
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-697-0990, Fax: 604-697-0991
  • Rebar Night Club
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-662-3277
  • Serotonin Night Club
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-688-8151
  • Yuk Yuk's
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-687-5233, Fax: 604-685-9950
  • Luce Club & Bar
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-633-3988, Fax: 604-632-0226
  • Mahoney's Sports Grill
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-662-3672, Fax: 604-662-4442
  • Loft Six
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-688-6440, Fax: 604-688-4066
  • Lennox Pub
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-408-0881, Fax: 604-408-0871
  • Princeton Pub
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-253-6645
  • Alibi Room
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-623-3383, Fax: 604-623-3384
  • Railway Club
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-681-1625, Fax: 604-681-7834
    Night Clubs