• C Valley Paving

    1.0  3 reviews
    23-40 Bradwick Dr,
    Concord ON, L4K 1K9
    ~ 7 employees work at this location
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    Caraquet, NB


    1.0 out of 5 stars, based on 4 ratings. 3 user reviews.
    Reviewed by 3 customers

    By from Burlington
    Terrible company with no understanding of a warranty
    Vince was our contact. In June 2013 we agreed on a price to remove our old driveway and front steps and replace them. The following week the excavation was done. We were told they would come in July to finish the job. The work was completed approximately September 23 after several phone calls When the snow melted in spring 2014, where we park one of our cars (Civic or Santa Fe) a major depression was developing under the tires. This quickly turned into a 2 foot by 3 foot 6 inch deep hole of heaving pavement. It continued get worse. We made weekly phone calls to C Valley. Many messages were left for Vince. By the fall we were calling daily. Vince finally returned my call saying he had come by and didn't see anything wrong... he somehow missed the huge crater I guess? I told him they had done a poor job and he should stand behind his product. He swore at me and hung up. He called back a minute later and said he would come over. When Vince showed up he agreed the driveway is a mess. However it must be our fault - we must have parked an industrial truck there - with the exact foot print of our Santa Fe? Nothing large was ever parked there. Our neighbour told me they removed a massive amount of base gravel first, but Vince doesn’t think that lead to the sink hole. He told me to pay someone to do core testing. He also tells me all the negative reviews online are by competitors (I guess my wife and I are now competitors in the paving business). He took pictures of the hole and sent them to head office, who would decide if they should fix it. He claimed the so called warranty didn't cover... anything really. He left and we never heard from C Valley again. C Valley Paving installed a poor quality product and refused to stand behind their work. Poor communication, unprofessional and the "warranty" is nonexistent. Vince specifically is awful to deal with. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere.
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    By from Cambridge
    Terrible Paving, Step, and Curb Installation
    Company did a good job quoting the job and then taking out our old driveway in May. They did not return to start the steps or curbing until late July. The steps are installed incorrectly and off centre and the curbing is installed too high and not lined up. They worked around the steps being off centre by adding more curb but we are having to pay to get the installation fixed by another company. C-valley promised to lower the curb by the start of the school year...it has yet to be done. They told us "relax your driveway is usable". In my opinion $10000 should buy us more than "usable". It looks terrible and will not last more than a few winters. When a representative came to our house to look at the job I asked about a patch of asphalt that was not pressed down. I was told to get a torch, melt it and push it down myself. We also had a fence installed. It is installed wrong and we have to take it out and redo it. I would not use this company for anything as I had to constantly ask for the work to be done, they showed up without materials (they took a saw out of my shed without asking) and took 4 months instead of two to get a driveway in. I would not even say done as we are still waiting for them to lower the curb as promised.
    No, I would NOT recommend this business to a friend
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    By from Burlington- Downtown
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    Consumers beware they are a "0" in my books.I have been waiting since Sept 22/2011 for C. Valley Paving to come back and complete an interlocking repair job. Until I posted another consumer review on HOMESTAR they did not care (they still don't). Since Sept 22/2011 we now have another issue. A grading problem. Water is seeping into the garage because they graded the stone to run into the garage. Vince my Burlington sales rep said no problem; garages don't have a foundation its ok. After posting the other review and after several phone calls and unreturned e mails only after my review posted was I contacted. Vince left a note at my front door stating he would ONLY repair the grading problem a problem he said did not excise weeks before. But there was one condition: I would have to revise my review on HOMESTAR if I wanted the work done. NO WAY. I have obtained legal advice now, looks like that's the means to getting the repairs done. Hope this helps others; it's shameful that consumers have to fight for the right to good, honest and reputable service. Once they got your money they don't care. Good luck with your contractors and as I have learnt the hard way; make sure you check them out, know who they are and what you are getting before you allow them to start anything. I noticed with this paving/interlocking company who I have actually used twice, are quick to come and excavate your driveway (like the next day) and put that sign on your lawn but you wait months to have them pave it. GOOD LUCK AND BE SMART!
    No, I would NOT recommend this business to a friend
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