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Flour and Other Grain Mill Products in Canada

  • Mississauga, ON
    Sandblasting equipment and abrasives, sandpaper.
  • Ventes Rudolph 2000 Inc
    4625 rue d'Iberville. Montréal, QC, H2H 2L9
    Rudolph 2000 est l'expert grossiste-distributeur desservant l'industrie ... more
  • Meunerie St-Patrice Inc
    522 rue Principale. Saint-patrice-de-beaurivage, QC, G0S 1B0
    Bienvenue sur le site de la Meunerie St-Patrice, l'endroit par excellence ... more
  • Soya Excel Inc
    Beloeil, QC
    • Phone: 450-446-7776, Fax: 450-446-1133
    Montréal, QC
    • Phone: 514-381-9791, Fax: 514-387-9314
      Tootsi Impex is a family owned business that has over 30+ years of experience in the ingredient market. As an export/import company, we carry over 1,200 different types of ingredients offered ...more
  • VanMar FoodService
    Mississauga, ON
    • Phone: 905-361-0479, Fax: 905-361-1213
      Food Wholesalers, Food Brokers, Frozen and Dry Food and Bakery Ingredients, Restaurant Supplies, Breakfast Foods, Importers and Exporters of various food items.
    • Phone: 778-929-3110, Fax: 604-521-7971
      Authentic Afghan Grocery Store, Meat Shop. Organic Dried Nuts and fruits.
  • Anita's Organic Mill
    Chilliwack, BC
    • Phone: 604-823-5546
      Anita’s Organic Mill is a highly reputable name in producing the organic food and caring the health of beloved ones. They are closely dedicated to living simply, biodiversity, clean nutrient ...more
  • Classifier Milling Systems
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-456-6700, Fax: 905-456-0076
    With over 30 years’ experience in the powder processing equipment industry, CMS’ systems include both conventional and highly customized grinding mills, grinding systems and an expanding range ...more
  • A-1 Cash & Carry
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-676-9950, Fax: 905-676-9167
    Wholesale, and Retail for products such as: Shopping bags, Cash Register Rolls, Straws, Spices, Lentils, Ingredients (Flour, Oil, Sugar). Pizza Boxes, Paper Bags, Garbage Bags, Wax Paper, Take ...more
  • Phone: 604-876-2241, Fax: 604-875-1575
    Importers & distributors of quality specialty foods to Western Canada since 1957. Currently the western division of the Qualifirst Group of Companies with fine food distribution in Ontario, ...more
  • Moulin St Georges Mills
    Dalhousie, QC
    Phone: 450-269-3456, Fax: 450-269-3459
    Moulin St Georges Mils Ltd. is a family run corn mill. It is a start-up mill aimed at providing our customers with superior local service and top quality locally grown corn products including ...more
  • Phone: 519-364-3260, Fax: 509-364-6951
  • FarmTech Solutions
    Kirkland, QC
    Phone: 800-672-9182, Fax: 800-672-9182
    FarmTech Solutions offers easy, innovative and simple solutions for on farm and breeding diagnostics. We proudly serve professional veterinarians, livestock and agriculture professionals and ...more
  • Nuthouse
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 647-352-3385
    Quality edible goods – nuts, snacks, dried fruit and more.
  • Mighty Clean Ducts Ltd
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-488-0692 - We service Edmonton and the surrounding area and are western Canada's largest and most trusted provider of furnace cleaning and duct cleaning services.
  • Scoular Canada Ltd
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-720-9050, Fax: 403-720-9059
    The Scoular Company manages commodity supply-chain risk for customers in growing segments of food, feed and renewable fuel markets. From more than 70 locations across North America, over 700 ...more
  • Campbell Seed Inc.
    Iona Station, ON
    Phone: 519-762-3900, Fax: 519-762-6131
    Black Oil Sunflower ,Corn , Oats ,Bagged or Bulk. Custom Seed Cleaning
  • Spectrum Abrasives Ltd.
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-678-1060, Fax: 905-678-1216
    Sandblasting equipment and abrasives, sandpaper.
  • Phone: 418-871-7711, Fax: 418-871-0333
    Pizza dough, pizza crust, pie dough
  • Brant Flour Mills Ltd.
    Scotland, ON
    Phone: 519-484-2921, Fax: 519-484-2555
    Rye and corn flour and corn meal.
  • Hayhoe Mills Ltd.
    Woodbridge, ON
    Phone: 905-851-1194, Fax: 905-851-8385
    Soft and hard wheat products, organic flours, cereal brans.
  • Moulin Hubert LaCoste
    Sainte-Claire, QC
    Phone: 418-883-3688, Fax: 418-883-2662
    Manufacture flour products, grain products and pasta products.
  • Potato chips, cheese and corn chips, tortilla chips, and multi-grain chips, confections, popcorn, and pretzels.
  • Ellison Milling Company
    Lethbridge, AB
    Phone: 403-328-6622, Fax: 403-327-3772
    Flours, pancake and bread mix and feeds.
  • Opta Minerals Inc.
    Waterdown, ON
    Phone: 905-689-7361, Fax: 905-689-3915
    Misc. industrial products. Industrial mineral products and recycling services.
  • Dover Industries Limited
    Burlington, ON
    Phone: 905-333-1515, Fax: 905-333-1584
    Food processing. Flour, folding cartons, ice cream cones, food containers, paper cups, and plastic drinking straws.
  • Bunge Milling
    Chatham, ON
    Phone: 519-351-1060, Fax: 519-351-7103
    Dry corn milled products, yellow corn meals and yellow corn flours.
  • Phone: 306-975-1166, Fax: 306-242-3829
    Wholesale & mfrs Grain and Health & Diet Food Products
  • Bedessee Imports Ltd.
    Scarborough, ON
    Phone: 416-292-2400, Fax: 416-292-2943
    Coconut, palm and mustard oils, food specialties, noodles, chow mein, baking powder, corned beef, flour peas and beans.
  • Phone: 450-659-1911, Fax: 450-659-5223
    Agricultural Seeds Products
  • A.D.M. Ogilvie
    Candiac, QC
    Phone: 450-659-1911, Fax: 450-659-5223
    Mfrs. Starch and Wet
  • ADM Milling Co.
    Medicine Hat, AB
    Phone: 403-526-2876, Fax: 403-526-9188
    Flour products, cereals, feeds (domesticated animal)
  • ADM Milling Co.
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-925-2100, Fax: 204-947-1788
    Flour, Grain products
  • ADM Milling Co.
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-267-5600, Fax: 403-267-5609
    Flour products, mixes (baking)
  • Phone: 519-250-0011, Fax: 519-966-8978
    Mfrs. Major Slaes & Service and Television Sales & Services.
  • Twister Pipe Ltd.
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-279-9348, Fax: 403-279-3758
    Grain storage bins, highway culverts and w-beam guard rails and grain accessories.
  • Tasty Selections
    Concord, ON
    Phone: 905-660-9377, Fax: 905-660-4585
    Cookies & Crackers.
  • Shaw Milling Limited
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON
    Phone: 705-256-5676, Fax: 705-256-8159
    Flour, salt, feed, fertilizer, pet food, garden seeds and supplies, bird seed, cleaning, greenhouse and nursery supplies.
  • Resto Chef Inc.
    Pincourt, QC
    Phone: 514-453-1189, Fax: 514-453-1189
    Dough (pizza), Food products (prepackaged)
  • Parrheim Foods
    Saskatoon, SK
    Phone: 306-931-1655, Fax: 306-931-2664
    Pea flour, chick pea flour, barley flour, pea starch, barley starch, pea protein, barley protein and pea fibre.
  • Permolex Ltd.
    Red Deer, AB
    Phone: 403-347-7557, Fax: 403-346-2662
    Flour, Gluten, Ethanol
  • Phone: 780-414-9595, Fax: 780-450-1016
    Oils (essential), flavouring extracts, flour, colorants (food), tea, coffee
  • Phone: 416-291-3226, Fax: 416-291-2159
    Mnufacture and distribute grains.
  • Phone: 519-853-2850, Fax: 519-853-0446
    Wheat flour and wheat flour by-products, bakery supply products.
  • Phone: 780-483-1504, Fax: 780-483-1504
    Certified organic flaxseed oil and ground flaxseed.
  • Farines SPB Meal Ltée
    Boucherville, QC
    Phone: 450-655-3505, Fax: 450-655-3223
    Mfrs Bread Meal by Products
  • Phone: 519-751-1122
  • Phone: 519-653-6267, Fax: 519-653-2125
    All purpose, bakery, whole wheat and stone ground whole wheat flours.
  • Moulin Legare Inc
    Saint-Eustache, QC
    Phone: 450-472-9529, Fax: 450-472-9529
    Flour Mills
  • Phone: 403-254-6600
    Flour Mills