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Heating Contractors in Winnipeg, MB

  • A-TECH Engineering Ltd
    300-330 St Mary Ave. Winnipeg, MB, R3C 3Z5
    A-TECH Engineering Ltd. operates nationwide and we carry various brands ... more
  • Fair Service Heating & Air Conditioning
    At Fair Service Heating & Air Conditioning we can make sure your furnace ... more
  • X-L Refrigeration Ltd
    442 Higgins Ave. Winnipeg, MB, R3A 1S5
    When you need cold, you need X-L Refrigeration Ltd. in Winnipeg. We work ... more
  • Heritage Heating and Cooling
    1-4 Don Valley Pky. Winnipeg, MB, R2C 2Z2
    • 204-663-7776
    • Heritage Heating and Cooling on Facebook
  • ECCO Supply - Winnipeg
    2140 Notre Dame Ave. Winnipeg, MB, R3H 0K1
    ECCO Supply - Winnipeg came into existence in 1960 to serve its esteemed ... more
  • APR Industries Ltd.
    1354 Waverley St. Winnipeg, MB, R3T 0P5
    APR Industries Ltd. is the home of the KOZI brand Wood & Pellet stoves. ... more
  • Peak Ventilation
    Peak Ventilation is a fully licensed and insured HVAC company serving ... more
  • Direct Heating Cooling & Water Heaters
    139B Regent Ave W. Winnipeg, MB, R2C 1R1
    If your home is cold in the winter or stifling during the summer, it’s ... more
  • Thermo King of Mid Canada
    450 Lucas Avenue Mail. Winnipeg, MB, R3C 2E6
    Thermo King is the world leader in transport temperature control systems ... more
  • Sarte Heating & Cooling Ltd
    857 Notre Dame Ave. Winnipeg, MB, R3E 0M4
    Sarte Heating and Cooling Ltd. specializes in providing Home Comfort Solutions ... more
  • Hearth & Patio
    4-1832 King Edward St. Winnipeg, MB, R2R 0N1
    Stay toasty warm with Winnipeg's Hearth & Patio. You'll be able to pick ... more
  • JNR Refrigeration Inc
    820 Erin St. Winnipeg, MB, R3G 2W4
    JNR prides itself with having a strong, knowledgeable and qualified group ... more
  • AireServ
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-809-4168
      Aire Serv serves a much bigger purpose than heating and air conditioning maintenance. We are the key to making people’s lives easier. Better. Aire Serv knows the importance of having things ...more
  • Climate Change YWG
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-471-7903
      Climate Change YWG is Canada based heating and cooling services providing company which provides high quality furnace, AC and Hot water tank installation, repair and maintenance services at ...more
  • American Comfort
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 888-676-7325
      American Comfort Worldwide has numerous years encounter as "indoor naturalists." First as pioneers and now as a no.1 showcase pioneer, ACW has been a stage ahead by giving another style in living ...more
    • Phone: 204-293-8184
    • Phone: 204-775-8571, Fax: 204-772-7221
    • Phone: 204-788-4344
    • Phone: 204-925-9630, Fax: 204-786-1017
  • NRG Management
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-788-4117, Fax: 204-788-4161
      At NRG we take a different approach. We understand that your company is unique, and that your buildings systems must be tailored to your needs. A different approach means specific analysis ...more
    • Phone: 204-414-4822
      CmO HVAC - Winnipeg Heating & Cooling serves commercial and residential residents in Winnipeg and surrounding areas with top quality equipment and 24-hour service.
    • Phone: 204-953-5700, Fax: 204-953-5710
      Trust 4 Seasons Heating Cooling & Electrical in Winnipeg and surrounding area for all your Heating or Cooling needs. We also do electrical work, HRVs, gas appliances (indoor and outdoor), filtration, ...more
  • East Side Ventilation
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-667-8700, Fax: 204-667-7666
      East Side Ventilation has served homes and businesses throughout Winnipeg since 1996, operating out of our modern facility in the St. Boniface Industrial Park. We are the largest manufacturer ...more
    • Phone: 204-339-4328
      At Provincial Heating & Cooling we’re proud of our years of service to the Winnipeg area and look forward to helping you with your air conditioning and heating needs. We’re pleased to serve ...more
    • Phone: 204-272-6515
      True 24/7 emergency service - It’s simple: when you call, we answer. That means no pagers or email delays- always a real person at the other end of the line. No exceptions. At Furnasman Heating ...more
  • College Electric Ltd
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-888-2873, Fax: 204-889-8743
      College Electric is an independent, family-owned HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) service and installation company that has been proudly serving residential, industrial and commercial ...more
    • Phone: 204-293-8064
      Are heating and cooling issues causing discomfort within your home? If so, don’t cool your heels. Feel the heat with assistance from Assured Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide HVAC services ...more
    • Phone: 204-336-0532, Fax: 204-336-2569
      Camerons Heating and Air Conditioning was founded by Mr. Cameron Oswald in Winnipeg in the year 2004. Cameron’s Heating and Air Conditioning has a solid 32 years experience in servicing, installing ...more
    • Phone: 204-783-7587
      Full line of new & used restaurant, bakery & butcher equipment.
  • Gallery Mechanical
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-235-0611, Fax: 204-222-2975
      At Can-Pro Heating and Ventilation, we are a family owned and operated company and we have been in business for more than 40 years. We focus on installation, cleaning and repairs of all heating ...more
  • Spray Foam Pro
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-814-1404
      If you are looking for professional, green/eco-friendly spray foam insulation services for your home or attic in Winnipeg Manitoba, then Spray Foam Pro is for you. Spray Foam Pro is quality ...more
    • Phone: 204-334-4328
      Maintain the comfort of your home with expert HVAC repairs, installations, and sales from GLT Service Professional Inc. Locally owned and operated in Winnipeg, GLT offers work on furnaces, air ...more
    • Phone: 204-226-3636, Fax: 204-237-8319
      Located in Winnipeg, Nexstar Mechanical is the best choice for all your heating and cooling needs. We service a wide range of heating and cooling systems, including: Air Conditioners, Boilers, ...more
  • Service Right Now Ltd
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-946-0808
      Service Right Now Ltd specializes in prompt service of your heating, air conditioning needs. We do not use an answering service so call now for live service! Our services include duct cleaning, ...more
  • Absolute HVAC
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-889-3939
      Are you feeling the heat in your home? If not, don’t cool your heels. Get in touch with Absolute HVAC in Winnipeg for help with all of your residential and commercial HVAC needs.
    • Phone: 204-775-7249
      For all your HVAC repairs, upgrades and emergencies, contact Noris Heating & Cooling in Winnipeg. In addition to air conditioner, hot water tank and furnace sales, we service and repair the ...more
    • Phone: 204-333-5139, Fax: 204-257-5388
  • Phone: 204-799-4926, Fax: 204-661-6004
    Located in Winnipeg, Weather Tech is a locally owned and operated company. Started by "Red Seal" refrigeration technician Steve De Vries in 2004, we have over 40 years' industry experience, ...more
  • Grassland HVAC
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-809-4058
    Don't hesitate to call Grassland HVAC in Winnipeg, MB. We are committed to your satisfaction. Call us today.
  • Phone: 204-809-4198
    In need of experienced Winnipeg, MB Electricians? Don't hesitate to call Long Beach Construction for all your electrical needs. We take great pride in our fantastic workmanship.
  • EnviroForce Group Inc.
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-956-0810
    Heating, Air Conditioning, HVAC, Mechanical, and Plumbing work.
  • Phone: 204-227-9775, Fax: 204-254-3193
    Residential, Commercial and Industrial electrical contracting. 24hr Emergency Service available.
  • Phone: 204-888-2020, Fax: 204-831-7713
    Tradesman offers you a complete range of services for all types of climate control equipment and electrical installations, including repairs, maintenance, and new installations. We also carry ...more
  • Phone: 204-899-3463
    Winnipeg contractors for residential and commercial jobs with a focus on customer service and highest quality workmanship. We handle heating and cooling, HVAC, plumbing, landscaping and painting ...more
  • Flame and Comfort
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-943-5263, Fax: 204-957-7640
    Flame and Comfort is a wholesale and retail store specializing in hearth products, chimney, aesthetic heating appliances.
  • Phone: 204-221-8070
    Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning is Winnipeg's number one choice for home heating and cooling solutions. We install, repair and replace all makes and models of furnaces, hot water tanks, ...more
  • Phone: 204-889-3170
    A conventional gas furnace can lose up to 40% of its energy up the chimney. That means only 60% of the gas you pay for ends up heating your home. In Winnipeg, you can purchase high-efficiency ...more
  • A & B Mechanical Ltd
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-783-3622, Fax: 204-784-4320
    Heating Contractors
  • Winnipeg Geothermal
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-837-7770, Fax: 204-837-7779
    Geothermal Heating and Cooling Consultation, Sales, Installation & Service.
  • Phone: 204-895-4289, Fax: 204-895-7732
    Heating Contractors