• Precision Martial Arts Academy

    5.0  1 review
    #207, 10807 Castle Downs Road,
    Edmonton AB, T5X 5M8
    ~ 8 employees work at this location
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    5.0 out of 5 stars, based on 1 rating. 1 user review.
    Reviewed by 1 customer

    By from Edmonton
    Customer Review
    My mom entered me in Precision Martial Arts as a young child. (Grade 2) Mainly because I had low self confidence as well as poor concentration skills in school. Later on in elemantry I was bullied and Derek Sadler taught me to use self control and to be understanding. Walk away and don't let the problem escalate. If I had to defend myself I knew I can, and a couple of times I had to for my own well being and health. I was simply prepared. Eventually all my problems went away. I became confident, humble, and a perfect role model for younger kids as I got older. I was taught not to show my skills but to use them in a life or health threatening situation. I have never been a fighter but a lover. It actually saved my life for i was attacked by random kids my age while playing soccer in a school field at the age of 19. I had the training to save my friends and disarm the attackers. I was still stabbed with wounds all over but I can easily say my training became natural instinct. If my mom never put me in Precision I wouldnt be writing this message. I can't say all taekwondo schools will give the same benefits because I was only with precision. But I can say Derek Sadler was my role model my whole life and still is to this day. Precision made me who I am today, Precision saved my life and gave me a family. It's a perfect environment for a child that feels lonely and out of place. They accept you for who you are and help you achieve your goals. If you want it precision will give it. It just takes dedication, commitment, respect and Loyalty. Which everyone needs.
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