• Continental Home Improvement

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    655 Wellington Rd S,
    London ON, N6C 4R4
    ~ 3 employees work at this location
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    GOTSTYLE The Menswear Store
    Toronto, ON


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    Reviewed by 1 customer

    By from London
    Customer Review
    I will never hire this company again. They did my roof and some sidding work. During this they damaged the exterior of the house. When I brought it to their attention they parched the are but did not fix the damage. The sidding lasted one year. It was so poorly fastened to the house in literally flew off in the wind. I have sidding on my house that has been here for 40 years and their work flew off in one year. They promised first year of free financing and I was charged interest from day one. They then called me to see if I wanted more work done to the house I informed them I would not hire them again and the lady asked why. So I reluctantly told her. She promised the owner will call me and make things right. She then told me that the person that organized my job was fired due to situations as this. She even told me that that individual was being sued. But she did promise me the owner will contact me. There was no call from the owner. About a month later the lady called me back asked if I wanted more work done. Then I asked her why the owner did not call me. She asked who I was and I told her and explained to her of my experience. She had a hard time figuring out who I was as they had a few issues like mine. Again I received assurances that I would be contacted by the owner. Again still nothing. In summary you receive poor workmanship. Negligent workers. Horrible customer service and no accountability. When you see Continental Home Improvements do not let them on your property.
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