• Pearl Cleaners

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    4841 Yonge St #134,
    North York ON, M2N 5X2
    ~ 3 employees work at this location
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    Discount Tire City
    Richmond Hill, ON


    1.0 out of 5 stars, based on 1 rating. 1 user review.
    Reviewed by 1 customer

    By from Toronto
    If you value your time and money – stay away from this place!
    I’ve never been treated SO POORLY by a service provider in my life!! Simply appalled by the owner’s behavior…. I came to pearl cleaners to dry clean a coat, a blazer, a shirt and fix the button on a pair of jeans. Simple, right? Apparently it took a month and a half and me coming there 7 (!!) times and still not get it right… They dragged me on 3 separate occasions to the dry cleaners before my order was even touched. By the fourth time, only part of the order was ready and apparently the jeans were dry-cleaned (even though I never asked for them to be) but they didn’t fix the button! On the fifth time, everything was ready and I took it home (finally!). It didn’t end there…the blazer had a white stain on it that wasn’t there before! I immediately called back telling them that after 5 weeks they still didn’t get the order right. The owner told me to come back that weekend and he’ll clean it for me (he made sure to add “at no extra cost” – of course no cost – you got it dirty!). I came that Saturday just as he told me, to hand in my blazer (this is the 6th time now) and the cleaners were closed that entire specific weekend!! The following week (visit # 7) I came, reminding him of our conversation. NOW he decides to stand behind his “rules” and says that once it has left the dry cleaners, he can’t take responsibility. My question is – why the hell didn’t you say that over the phone instead of telling me to come in for you to clean “at no extra cost”????? After explaining that I have wasted time and money (2 tokens each way X 7 visits) because of his total lack of consideration towards a client, he decides to call the security guard on me. After the security guard hears the story – HE himself tells the owner that he should at least refund the amount paid for the dirty blazer! After all this – the owner doesn’t even apologize ONCE! I was outraged that an owner of a business in CANADA can be so insulting, rude and such a crook!
    No, I would NOT recommend this business to a friend
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