Manoir West Island Manor
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    Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute
    London, ON


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    By from Montréal
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    I couldn't agree more with the other viewer, if possible I wish I could put -1. My mother was there for a few months and what I saw was very disappointing. I feel sorry for the people who live there. The place charges a ridiculous high amount for a very small room and very little service. The seniors living there seldom have in-time service. Every time she asked someone to come it typically took close to an hours for someone to show up if at all. She ended up having very little care service. I am not at all surprised to hear the stories the other reviewer describes. The business owner cares only about profit and was dishonest. There are some care personnel that are nice, but they are too busy to answer to the needs of the resident there. I will definitely NOT recommend this business at all.
    No, I would NOT recommend this business to a friend
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    By from Pierrefonds
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    Customer Review
    Wish I could put zero. Grandma has been there for awhile waiting for a government bed. Head nurse is extremely rude and insults everyone trying to get information on family members. As for the RNA I came In after a week of telling theme about my grandmother respiratory infection , she was lying straight down on the bed choking on her own lung secretions ,high fever,delerious and I got attitude from the RNA when I ask them to please go help her. They told the me the Dr will be here in two days,she had already not eaten for 2 days. When I threatened to call a ambulance they called the MD to get her on antibiotics and a nebulizer. ON my way out I encountered a lady who's mother was coming back that Dat fom the hospital because she had a hip fracture for 3 days before anyone noticed. TERRIBLE PLACE DO NOT SEND ANYONE YOU LOVE THERE.
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