• A-1 Verti-store Inc

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    2925 Boul Des Sources,
    Dorval QC, H9R 4N3
    ~ 15 employees work at this location
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    A-1 Verti-store Inc
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    SOPERS, Robert Soper Ltd.
    Hamilton, ON


    1.0 out of 5 stars, based on 9 ratings. 2 user reviews.
    Reviewed by 2 customers

    By from Dorval
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    Customer Service
    I'm very sorry not to have read the other reviews before going into Verti Store . I have purchase blinds for two windows, doing the measure myself . When the person who came to installed them realized that they were shorter than it should be. Instead of been for at least 49 inch in length , they were of 46 inch ( the height of the window exactly ). I called immediately the store to explain the problem and the sales person ????? responded me right away that I have signed already the order and to fix this, I should pay for a new ones. Great service ! immediately she decided that the fault was only mine and she pointed out that had a large experience in this field ! Well , I don't think so , she never asked , how short were , never offer to see what it can be done .....to me sounded that she was already trying to defend herself .... but as I read here in other review , is not the first time that this store have problem with the orders sizes. Seems that all this year didn't serve her to much to learn how to dealt with customer . I gave her the sizes and it was up to her to figure out the length of the blinds ( she was the one with the long experience ). Of course I signed the order; I made the mistake of trusting her. The worst part if that I went to a place like Verti store because I thought that even if I paid much more for the same product that in many other locations have a minor price, I was paying for a serious company. At this point , I believe that any one of the other company that sells blinds in the same area , probably have not only better prices but also more competent personal , with policy that are to assist customer . Is unreal to think that she was fast to mention that I signed and that was it , never mentioned to installed them first and after will see what to do or how to assist me . Becareful if you got this store , as I read other review .... this is not the only case , where they have made a mistake and didn't care about it .
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    By from Pierrefonds QC
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    Verti-Store West Island
    BUYER BEWARE! An absolutely horrible experience and out $318!!!. In June 2014, I ordered a set of blinds for my father's apartment. I showed the agent the hand-written visual dimensions (AND picture of the room) for 2 sets of windows to be dressed - basically (and clearly) 3 ft long by 8 ft wide. He quoted me $316.18... When I picked up the blinds they were 8 ft long by 3 ft wide!!! … to boot, I was told this was my fault because these were the measurements he was given (not the measurements he viewed/understood/consulted the color scheme on or erroneously entered in the system). The Store Manager said he'd look into it and call me the next day .. a week later, the agent calls back (not even the store manager) indicating it would cost me an additional $104 because the quote HE originally gave me was also wrong (because it was based on the wrong measurements HE entered in the system). I decided to cut my losses and simply go elsewhere but for you all, please take heed … DO NOT, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT EVER GO TO VERTI-STORE unless you're proactively seeking headaches. I'll never know about the quality of their products but I know it's a definite zero for customer service >:(
    No, I would NOT recommend this business to a friend
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