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    611 Third St,
    London ON, N5V 2C1
    ~ 3 employees work at this location
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    City of Cambridge
    Cambridge, ON


    1.0 out of 5 stars, based on 1 rating. 1 user review.
    Reviewed by 1 customer

    By from London Ontario
    Horrible Experience
    November of 2012 I contacted my Condo Assoc. in regards to a new sliding back door. They contracted Ed's Glass to replace it.They put me in contact with Ed to book a time to see the door. I left a message on his machine.
    It took a few weeks for Ed to get back to me, but eventually we made an appointment. This is where the problems start. I had asked specially for Ed to come in the late morning - early afternoon as I was suffering from intense morning sickness that was much worse in the early hours of the day. This seemed to be a big issue for Ed to work around, but he finally agreed upon 1 oclock after he lectured me on how difficult afternoon appointments are because if he has any POTENTIAL problems throughout the day, I was pushing them back.
    He was an hour late showing up.
    He initially wanted to bring supplies through my back gate, which is locked. The lock is a pain to undue, so he used the front door instead. My back door is roughly 20 feet from out front door, and there is a clear path.
    While installing my door, I could hear Ed and his staff member (who I believe was a member of Ed's family) complain about how I didnt want them to come in the morning. They continued to complain about me while I sat 10 feet away on the couch.
    One of them smoked a cigerette while the door was off the frame, allowing smoke to enter my house, while I am visably pregnant.
    They made a huge mess which they made no attempt to clean up.
    They never fully finished the door, and left spray foam exposed. Some of this spray foam got on my dog, and I had to cut it out of his fur.
    They told me they would be back in a few weeks to cover the foam, and never returned.
    I received a bill for $141.25 ADDITIONAL for "extra time incurred" for using my front door. They never indicated to me that it would be an extra cost to come through my front door. If I had know that they would have added this ridiculous charge, I would have just spent the time unlocking the back gate. My gate is infact a LONGER walk from their truck, and would have been a more difficult entrance to use, but I would have unlocked it.
    In my opinion Ed from Ed's glass is an unprofessional, sneaky man with no tact. It is one thing to make a mess, construction is messy, I understand - but to insult and disrespect a pregnant girl is just plain terrible service. Adding a charge of $141.25 to my bill is crazy. I was present the entire time and it was never mentioned to me that going through my front door was an inconvenience for them.
    As the customer, I should be able to choose the time they come remove my back door from my house. Complaining about me while I was standing in the same room is appauling customer service.
    No, I would NOT recommend this business to a friend
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