2653 Eton St
Vancouver, BC
V5K 1J9, Canada
  • About Ergo Solve:

    Based in Vancouver BC, Ergo Solve provides ergonomic solutions and ergonomic risk management and rehabilitation consulting services throughout British Columbia and Lower Mainland. Safety risk management, risk management consultation, injury prevention, healthcare ergonomics, disability management, industrial rehabilitation, return to work, workplace health, risk analysis, risk identification, injury prevention, lean, participatory ergonomics, union, employer, human resources, occupational health and safety, usability, fatigue, controls, treatments, cost benefit analysis, workshops, occupational therapist, occupational therapy, OT, surface electromyography, electrogoniometry, office ergonomics, office assessment, seating trial, train the trainer, WorkSafeBC, risk management consultant, ergonomics Vancouver, ergonomist Vancouver, ergonomics BC, ergonomist BC, British Columbia ergonomics, Vancouver ergonomics risk management consultant, Canada ergonomics risk management consultant, Ergo.


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  • Specialties

    Ergonomic Risk Management, Safety Risk Management, Industrial Rehabilitation, Disability Management, Injury Prevention, Healthcare Ergonomics, Office Assessment, Medical Legal Consultation, Participatory Ergonomics, Workplace Health