Achinback Industries & Foundry Ltd

Achinback Industries & Foundry Ltd

103-1017 Dunford Ave
Victoria, BC
V9B 2S4, Canada
  • About Achinback Industries & Foundry Ltd:

    Achinback Industries and Foundry Ltd. provides custom foundry services in aluminum, brass, and bronze metals to; municipalities, contractors, the forest, marine, and automotive industries, artists, hobbyists and members of the public. Our castings are used in a wide range of applications, from ornamental items, sculptures and informational signage to utilitarian items such as street lighting and drain grates, to specialized mechanical components used in engines or robotic arms. Together, Achinback has over 60 man-years of experience in the foundry trade and a good working knowledge of the marine, construction, and automotive industries allowing productive consultation with customers on their casting and patternmaking needs. Achinback fills a niche in the local foundry industry of Victoria B.C. for a flexible and responsive supplier of castings and patterns, bringing skills and experience together in an efficient and progressive company.

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    Toll Free 877-474-0037


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