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    Our Group is made up of privately held companies who are united together under the marketing name of intMPE. This consortium has strong R&D to develop, manufacture and market advanced Mineral Processing (MP) Pumping Equipment with energy savings and increased wear life. Our main products are Mineral Processing (MP) Pumps & (MP) Valves of all types used in the Mining and Process Industries associated with the extraction of Minerals from the Ground.

    intMPE is a multi-faceted Service Orientated Group of Companies, Diversified through International thought to meet the challenges of the changing times we live in. The combined (100 years plus) experience of more than 30 Production Design Engineers and another 790 employees affords group ability to assist Industrial & Secondary Industries to properly apply the Mineral Processing products we Manufacture and Distribute Globally.

    The MP Slurry Series Centrifugal pumps are a new generation, high efficiency Mineral Processing Pump with replaceable wear liners and expellers. We offer all ASTM A532 series high chrome materials. Size up to 22/20. Intmpe MP Pumps by design are very low in vibration due to Rugged Construction and short over-hang. Wet-End systems use Advanced Alloys & Elastomers for Erosive & Corrosive Environments. Upgrade to High Quality Field Tested Mineral Processing (MP) intMPE Pumps. Severe Service Cast Alloys and Elastomers are available with reasonable pricing and good delivery times.

    We serve Heavy Industrial Industries like; BHP Billiton, Kaiser Aluminum, Alcan, PCL Fertilizers, EXXON/ESSO, Russel Aluminum Russia, Nyrstar North & South America. The Canadian Oil Sands, Inco Sudbury and several Mining companies in the USA. We have many pumps operating in the Power industry, dredging, drilling and ore extraction slurry pumping.


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