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  • About Whitestar Group:

    Welcome to The Whitestar Group Ltd.

    We are a loose association of professionals and organizations founded in 2010 focused on getting things done.  

    Strategy, finance, organizational effectiveness, human resources, marketing, logistics, operations, accounting  - if you have icebergs, we can help you avoid them.
    We build long term relationships with our clients. We are very flexible in our engagement structure, our resourcing and our compensation.

    We can provide a few days, or even just a few hours, monthly to bounce around ideas, or help you to guide a strategy, or project to success – at a cost and on a time line that will meet your needs.

    For those larger jobs that require a larger time commitment – we have you covered there as well.  We serve as part-time C-level executives for those companies that are not ready for, nor can afford, a full time seasoned professional in the role.

    A different approach

    The Whitestar Group was founded with the belief that great organizations require great ideas and great talent.  Entrepreneurs have great ideas and Entrepreneurs have great talent.  But, they do not have ALL the ideas and talent they need to commercialize their ideas and to grow their businesses.  At The Whitestar Group we provide, or connect you with, the ideas and talent you need to complete your business.

    We are not a recruitment or a placement firm, although we know great people who can help you there when you need it.  Nor are we a consulting firm, although we do engage in project based assignments and we can access world-class specialists and experts to tackle specific problems when needed.  

    We help build the structure and framework around which a business can grow.  

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