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    Brampton, ON

  • About G.R.T. Genesis Inc.:

    G.R.T. Genesis Inc. is driven to be a world leader in electrical insulation, engineered plastics and power distribution products. Motivated by customer satisfaction, innovative manufacturing solutions and client partnerships, we provide our customers the highest quality products and service.

    G.R.T. Genesis Inc. was born in 1986, and since then have grown to over 40 employees and 42,000 square feet of space for fabricating, manufacturing, stamping and distribution of materials for the power distribution, electrical insulation and engineered thermoplastic industries.

    Our dedication to innovation solutions keeps us at the forefront, paying careful attention to industry changes and expansions. G.R.T. Genesis Inc. continually adapts to our clients’ needs and prides ourselves in fostering longer-term client and supplier relationships. Our high level of communication results in shorter lead times, lower costs and superior product quality.


    G.R.T. Genesis Inc. maintains a stock of all popular angle and profile shapes, including tube, rod, dogbone and a variety of others. Items are stocked in UL-listed GPO-3 electrical grade, red, 10-foot lengths (longer are available). All shapes, angles and channels have high strength-to-weight ratios and exceptional electrical properties, and are all track and flame-resistant. Special grades include high-strength, high-temperature and corrosion-resistant. G.R.T. Genesis Inc. will happily design and manufacture a custom profile to satisfy your requirements if none of the standards will suffice.


    G.R.T. GENESIS, INC. is a leader in the Dry Type Transformer industry and can custom fabricate transformer combs from the highest-quality materials. Custom Fabricated Transformers shipped to your facility on time everytime. G.R.T. GENESIS, INC. can be trusted to supply high quality Combs at very competitive prices. We use only the highest quality raw materials for your Combs, provided to us by the leading material manufacturers ( Glastic, Haysite ). G.R.T. GENESIS, INC. would also like to discuss the supplying your other transformer insulation needs: Dogbone - Terminal Boards - Bus Supports.

    G.R.T. Genesis Inc. is an industry leader in the Dry Type Transformer industry and are able to custom fabricate transformer Combs from the highest-quality materials. G.R.T. Genesis Inc. can be trust to provide high-quality Combs at highly competitive prices. We use only the highest quality raw materials for your Combs, which are supplied to us by leading material manufactures such as Glastic and Haysite. G.R.T. Genesis Inc. may also supply your other transformer insulation needs such as Dogbone, Terminal Boards and Bus Supports. G.R.T. Genesis Inc. is an ISO 9001: 2008 Registered company. Our management and employees take responsibility in providing our clients total customer satisfaction.


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  • Brands Carried:
    Arboron , Bakelite , Benelex , Celeron , Dilecto , Micarta , Phenolic , Polyglas , Scotchply , Spauldite
    Areas Serviced:
    Central America/Caribbean, Mexico, South America, USA - North Central, USA - North-East, USA - North-West, USA - South Central, USA - South-East, USA - South-West.
    Wifi: No
    Parking: Yes
    Wheelchair: No
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