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    Uxbridge, ON

  • About ROSTA Inc.:

    Hello and welcome to ROSTA Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative rubber suspension systems. We are a Canadian business that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ROSTA AG, Switzerland. Located approximately 50 kilometers northeast of Toronto, Ontario, in the area of Uxbridge, ROSTA is responsible for the sales, warehousing, servicing, and distribution of ROSTA products in Canada.

    With over 55 years of experience servicing clients, we strive to offer high quality standard and custom-made dynamic machine-engineered rubber suspension components. Working out of our ISO 9001-certified head office and manufacturing location in Switzerland, we have built a worldwide distribution network to serve our clients, with our own branch sales engineers, offices, and distribution partners. ROSTA AG, our parent company, was founded in 1944 by Mr. Ernst Rohr. Visit our corporate website at www.rosta.ch.

    If our standard components do not meet your unique design needs, rest assured that our technical staff will manufacture a custom-made solution to meet your requirements. Our industrial machine components, thanks to its widespread presence, has been a tradition. Since the rubber suspension element with its two square profiles and four rubber inserts was patented over 60 years ago,  it has inspired numerous designers around the globe to find effective solutions to their issues. Our recipe for success at ROSTA rests on its simplicity, technical competence, automated manufacturing processes, and a keen readiness to deliver.

    How can ROSTA benefit you? It is simple. We are talented at aiding our valued clients in improving their own products and services. To achieve this goal, we ensure that our rubber-based products offer minimized maintenance costs, excellent prolonged performance, and enhanced longevity.

    In the industry, we are the only company that utilizes an on-site laboratory. The key tenants of product specifications, quality and durability are endlessly test at our facility. Our experienced and talented team of engineers are at your disposal and thanks to our international coverage, can easily provide high-quality, cost-effective and low-maintenance rubber products. 


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  • Brands Carried:
    ROSTA (rubber suspension elements), Venanzetti (electric vibrating motors), Vibrachoc/Paulstra (anti-vibration mountings)
    Areas Serviced:
    Wifi: No
    Parking: Yes
    Wheelchair: Yes
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