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  • About Heaters Controls & Sensors Ltd:

    Heaters Controls and Senstors Ltd. manufactures and designs heating and control systems for all industrial applications. We have entire systems available for the most complex motion and heating control process that requires Controls, Heaters and Sensors. Heaters Controls and Sensors Ltd. offers complete after-sales service and three year warranties on all electronic components. We offer in-house calibration and servicing providing a full single source for all your requirements.

    Industrial Thermocouples and RTD Assemblies are produced using high-quality contamination and chemical resistant ineral insulated RTD and thermocouple cable. Industrial Thermocouples and RTD Assemblies have higher temperature capabilities up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and ensure trouble-free operation with minimum failure. Industrial Thermocoupels and RTD Assemblies can be manufactured with a single sensor, dual or multipoint sensors in a variety of diameters from 0.010” to 1.125” in diameter with a wide variety of terminations like explosion proof heads, FDA (food) Terminal Head or with leads and plugs.  


    • Barber Colman Temperature Controller 
    • DME Temperature Controller
    • Eurotherm Temperature Controller
    • Eagle Signal Temperature Controller
    • Fuji Temperature Controller
    • Fuzypro Temperature Controller
    • Honeywell Temperature Controller
    • Love Controls Temperature Controller
    • MPI Temperature Controller

    • MCS Temperature Controller
    • Ogden Temperature Controller
    • Omega Temperature Controller
    • Omron Temperature Controller
    • RKC Syscon Temperature Controller
    • Shimaden Temperature Controller
    • West Instruments Temperature Controller
    • Watlow Temperature Controller


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