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    Mississauga, ON

  • About MM Plastic (Mfg.) Co. Inc.:

    MM® Plastic (Mfg.) Co. Inc. is a privately held manufacturing company that was established in 1962. Our head office is located in Mississauga Ontario. It is comprised of both a warehouse and manufacturing facility. We have an additional manufacturing plant in the Buffalo, New York area.

    MM® Plastic (Mfg.) Co. Inc. are molders of high-volume, lightweight plastic products. Our areas of expertise range from the automotive industry to the electrical, consumer products, fittings, packaging and closures businesses. We have the ability to mold a wide range of materials, including, but not limited to, nylon, polyethylene, styrene, polypropylene, thermoplastic rubbers, glass-filled nylon, polycarbonate and PVC. MM® employees work together to creatively satisfy the requirements of our broad and diversified client base.

    We hold a variety of patents, produce over 700 different products and export throughout Mexico and North America, as well as in parts of Asian and the Caribbean. Our staff is closely involved with UL and CSA on the various harmonization committees in an attempt to not only develop, but to set high industry standards. MM® Plastics believe that by bringing these standards to their highest levels, the result will be a greater safety for the public and end-users.

    Success, trust, confidence...

    It takes years of experience, industry knowledge and dedication to our clients, but above all, a passion for the work...

    We are driven by your success!


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