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  • Marshield Radiation Shielding & Protection Products
    Burlington, ON

  • About Marshield Radiation Shielding & Protection Products:

    MarShield Radiation Shielding & Protection Shielding is an experienced and widely-proven partner for institutions, corporations, the military and government seeking a full-service provider of radiation protection solutions. We provide customer radiation protection, shield and storage.


    MarShield Radiation Shield and Protection Shielding was established in 1979 and has brought value to numerous commercial markets including medical, nuclear, veterinary and dental, as well as government bodies and institutions engaged in scientific research through to military operations and national defence. Today, MarSheild services customers across Canada, USA and targeted international markets across the globe.

    Other Divisions

    Mars Metal – www.marsmetal.com
    MarsKeel – www.marskeel.com

    When success must be absolutely assured, organizations trust MarShield to provide guaranteed, optimal lead radiation protection in every product we manufacture.


    MarShield is housed in Burlington, Ontario, which is the industrial centre of Canada. This noticeable advantage offers close proximity to major power and nuclear plants, access to key raw material markets, as well as strong local infrastructures of rail, truck, air or ocean freight. This location also allows us to tap into a highly-skilled workforce to uphold our rigorous quality standards.


    MarShield draws expertise from its diverse parent, Mars Metal Company. Mars Metal supplies a vast range of industries including: Medical, Nuclear, Material Handling, Aerospace and Marine. Mars Metal has developed defined processes for quality assurance to satisfy the unique standards for each of these industries.


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