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  • About A & M Heat Treating Ltd.:

    Here at A & M Heat Treating Ltd., our goal is provide world class leadership in surface engineering and to aid our clients in improving their performance and productivity through innovative surface engineering technologies. We are 100% committed to supplying dependable quality products for our customer’s processes.

    Here is a list of some of the services we provide:

    • Vacuum Heat Treament 
    • Carburizing 
    • Carbonitriding 
    • Solution Annealing 
    • Salt Bath Heat Treatment 
    • Precipitation Aging 
    • Normalizing 
    • Stress Relieving 
    • Cryogenics 
    • Metallurgical Laboratory Service

    TD Carbide-a superior vanadium carbide coating for 
    the stamping industry, designed to improve 
    die life, reduce lubrication requirements, 
    and reduce maintenance of dies 

    Gas Nitriding- conventional nitriding to depths of 

    PlasmaNit-plasma nitriding to depths of 0.025", 
    with capability of producing white layer of 0.000-0.003" 

    plasma nitriding to depths of 0,025", with a black oxide finish for superior corrosion resistance 

    FerrNit-salt bath ferritic nitrocarburizing to 
    depths of 0.0008" for enhanced wear resistance 


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