•  Sandmate by Karina Fasteners Ltd.
  • Sandmate by Karina Fasteners Ltd.
    Saint-Laurent, QC

  • About Sandmate by Karina Fasteners Ltd.:

    Sandmate/Karina Fasteners Limited, based in Montreal, Canada, is a manufacturer of a variety of sanding products and has been in operation since 1982. The company’s aim has been on innovation and developing new products on an on-going basis. From loop and hook abrasives to PSA backed accessories, pu holders, back-up pads and quick change discs, Sandmate/Karina Fasteners has everything to fulfill your unique needs. Our line of sanding products, which are marketed under the name Sandmate®, is of superior quality and is competitively priced. Sandmate® products are available and suitable for a large array of industries such as woodworking, marine, automotive, aviation, wood floors, metalworking, composites, glass and stone.

    Sandmate/Karina Fasteners Limited provides a variety of abrasives such as quick change discs S-Type and R-Type, quality coated abrasives backed with Hook & Loop or PSA, quality non-woven abrasives, total finesses touch-up sanding systems and all possible conversions for Hook & Loop and non-woven abrasives.

    Sandmate/Karina Fasters Limited also provides a variety of back-up pads for sanding and polishing, such as a complete line of professional and consumer sanding back-up pades for Hook & Loop, PSA, and non-woven abrasives backed with VELCRO® brand fasteners, professional foam, sheepskin and felt polishing pads and S-Type and R-Type quick pads and accessories.

    Sandmate/Karina Fasteners Limited also sells a variety of Hook and Loop fasteners such as Hook & Loop sew on tapes, acrylic PSA backed Hook & Loop tapes, general purpose rubber based PSA backed Hoop & Loop tapes, high temperature resin based PSA backed Hook & Loop tapes, Hook & Loop die-cuts in many sizes and shapes and die-cutting and slitting service.


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