•  Acme Engineering Products Ltd.
  • Acme Engineering Products Ltd.
    Mont-Royal, QC

  • About Acme Engineering Products Ltd.:

    Acme Engineering manufactures three unique product lines:

    • Gas detection systems for ventilation building control
    • Process heating equipment for large industrial and commercial applications.
    • Automatic scraper-strainers for process, intake and effluent filtration

    Acme Engineering, founded in 1956 as a manufacturer’s representative firm, started large-scale production of its own Ventilation, Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment. We began our gas detection line in the early 1970’s with the addition of manufacturing of automatic strainers in the mid 1980’s. 

    Acme Engineering is an integrated manufacturer, encompassing electrical, mechanical and electronic manufacturing capabilities. We distinguish ourselves by offering custom solutions with minimized costs and high effectiveness, but also have a vast range of standard products for sale.

    Our online catalog of pages detailing our products is only a small snippet of the solutions Acme is capable of providing. If you do not see the product or process you require on our website, please feel free to contact us and will be honoured to detail our capabilities with you. 

    By aligning yourself with our services, you are choosing a supplier that possesses the experience necessary to manufacture custom high-quality products that you require, all at a competitive price. We bolster an extensive network of representatives throughout North America, and are increasing our presence across Asia, Europe, Latin/South America every year.

    The packaged solutions that we produce at Acme always include instrumentation and controls. Because of this, we are required to develop and maintain our expertise in pressure vessel design, electrical engineering for our heating and control systems, and electronic design for our gas detection systems. Due to our worldwide equipment sales, we have gained experience in a variety of industries such as raw materials processing of manufactured goods, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Our experience working with a vast array of clients from different fields has allowed us to share process and engineering experience to allow clients to find solutions outside of their industry which may not have previously seemed possible. With our detailed archive of past completed projects, Acme is able to seamlessly uncover past expertise and utilize it to reformulate solutions that suit our current clients application requirements. 


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  • Brands Carried:
    Acmetherm (thermal storage units), Electrozone (electric unit heaters), Modulectric (SCR AC Electric Power Controllers & Heaters)
    Areas Serviced:
    North America, Europe, Asia, Latin/South America
    Wifi: No
    Parking: Yes
    Wheelchair: Yes
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