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  • About Rapid Gear Ltd.:

    Rapid Gear Ltd. designs and builds quality gears, gear boxes and specialty purpose machinery. We are a member of AGMA and are located in Southern Ontario. Rapid Gear’s engineering staff design new gears and reducers, both parallel and planetary in-line units. Regardless of whether we are working on new gear assemblies or redesigning an out-dated or worn out assembly, Rapid Gear can provide its clients with assembling drawings, detailed drawings and complete parts lists.  Although gear-cutting is our specialty, we are fully equipped to produce a wide range of special purpose or custom machinery.

    Some of the industrial sectors we service include:

    • OEM
    • Steel
    • Mining
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Marine
    • Chemical
    • Forestry
    • Aggregates
    • Oil & Gas
    • Cement
    • Material Handling
    • Super Processing

    We work with imperial and metric specifications and specialize in a wide variety of materials including cast iron, bronze, fibre and nylon to alloy steels with case hardened and ground teeth.  CNC turning and machining centers provide uniformity, conformance, quality and precision on production runs. Our skilled employees are knowledgeable at repairing, rebuilding and restoring old gears and gear boxes to original specifications.

    Our Exchange Program was designed to solve the following problems:

    • The OEM is out of business.
    • The units are discontinued or replaced with new series.
    • Parts are only available from over seas with long delivery times.
    • There are no drawings available.


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