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  • About Galaxy Pallets Ltd.:

    Galaxy Pallets Inc., located at 124 Erie Street, Smithville, Ontario, Canada, has been in business since 1966. Company President Mr. Bruce McFarlane has directed 22 employees in the building of pallets, flower rack and specialty box items in the amount of $3 million in annual sales. Galaxy Pallets Inc. is located on 6 acres of land which houses two buildings. Our first building is utilized to cut raw materials, while the second is used to assemble finished products and house office space. The other four acres of land houses finished products and raw materials with lots of room left over for future expansions of our business.

    Galaxy Pallets Inc. has been a member of the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association for a long period of time, and is a registered facility member of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Since 2001, our facility has been operating under the Facility Certification Number CA-0068. One benefit of this certification is that we are permitted to produce wood and pallet products that are suitable for export to foreign countries. We abide by the stringent guidelines set out by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, ensuring that our products are traceable right back to where raw materials originated.

    Trust Galaxy Pallets Inc. to see your project through from prototype design into reality. Our knowledable and highly trained staff will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that you receive the best possible product. We provide cost cutting measures and commonly suggest alternatives to ensure the highest cost-effectiveness. At Galaxy Pallets Inc., we live by the motto that “No job is too big or too small. We’ll quote them all”. So feel free to call our inside sales team now and get your pallet and specialty wood products demands met.


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