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  • About Pure Metal Galvanizing:

    Pure Metal Galvanizing is Canada's largest custom galvanizer. We augment the abilities of its own highly experienced staff with access to the experience of the world's finest consultants through membership in many national and international organizations.

    The Process

    The hot dip galvanizing process creates a combination of corrosion protection properties which are unmatched by other coating systems. The thick metallic zinc envelope completely covers the surface of the steel creating a series of metallurgically bonded zinc-iron layers.  The tightly adherent middle alloy layers are, in fact, harder than steel core, providing a high level of resistance to mechanical damage in addition to corrosion protection.  Since zinc corrodes preferentially providing cathodic protection to areas of bare steel, the structure remains protected even in the event of exposure due to abrasion or impact damage.  The sacrificial nature of zinc prevents the exposed steel from corroding, eliminating any undercutting or blistering of the coating. 


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