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    1 Sperling Drive,
    Barrie ON, L4N 6B8
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    •   888-620-0777
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    ~ 24000 employees work at this location
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    PODS Moving Storage Container Company
    Edmonton, AB


    1.0 out of 5 stars, based on 3 ratings. 2 user reviews.
    Reviewed by 2 customers

    By from Ottawa
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    Unethical, Dishonest, Thieving
    I have had my Rogers phone for 15 days now. I have no service where I was promised I would by the Rogers representative. I tried returning the service in the 15 day grace period stated in the contract. They would not let me because i had already put 67 minutes on my phone as opposed to the 30 minute allowable policy. To cancel, they want 780$ for the service that doesnt even work when I was promised it would. On top of that I cannot even use this phone with bell because they wont unlock it for another 3 months, company policy. I have called customer service, technical support and customer relations, nobody will help me with my situation. I feel that Rogers has conned me out of 780$ plus the 240$ to cancel with bell and a days wages to drive to the nearest area with service to contact them and get a new phone with bell. I am not stuck with a rogers and bell bill each month and only one phone works. Do not let these thieves con you into anything. Once you have signed their ridiculous and unethical contract they wont do a thing to help you with anything. Now i've been forced to contact head office and possible claim Stay away
    No, I would NOT recommend this business to a friend
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    By from kamloops
    Rotten experience with rogers after being loyal to them for 14 yrs
    I am not getting some texts from my work out calls, which I have almost been fired from due to this issue as well as friends and others which happens at no specific place or time of day. And I have tried other sim cards and even a second Samsung 4 which still has the same issue. I have called about this numerous times to rogers and have done all the troubleshooting I am going to tolerate with these S4,s as nothing has helped and I have been using my old S3 with a cracked screen as to get my texts from work and friends, and as of two weeks ago have been using a friends note 3 as it works perfect as well.And still They have nothing they can do for me even after being with them for so many years and being a valued top customer. I need to have a Samsung as for my work formats out calls. So I have called over and over to rogers to see if I can even get a note 3 and send back my S4 which is hardly used due to the known glitch. And the only option I have they tell me is to buy another phone for almost $800 as I need the note 3 as reasons for work. I still cant believe I have spent countless hrs on the phone with rogers due to this phone issue and this is the only option for me.Tried different sim cards as well as made sure not to back up my old phone as to maybe corrupt this replacement. . I also tried a third S4 from another friend who I traded phones with to see if it still happened to me and it did...I have done everything..getting real tired of this.. This is not a usual circumstance and should be dealt with rather than saying thanks for your money for 14 years your on your own..I will not be thrown aside with this. Rogers has made enough money off of me over the past 14 years of constant cell plans that this situation should and will be handled different.Rogers does not seem to care about there customers who have been keeping them in business for years.
    No, I would NOT recommend this business to a friend
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