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    By from Cornwall
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    I went to Canadian Tire Cornwall Automotive Service to have vehicle looked over for a trip I was going on with family in a month to make sure everything was ok. It was on a Saturday as I work Monday to Friday. I left my car there and went shopping with some friends. I received a call about 1 hr later and the gental man on the phone was blunt and voice very rude and Unprofessional like saying Ur car needs brakes and tie rods and an alignment it's going to cost you around 900 dollars give or take few dollars plus taxes and the parts will have to be ordered. I said ok I will have to book appointment to have it don't next week. So when I returned to pick my car up it was lunch time. The gentalman at the counter was same guy that called me as I reconized his voice. I had to wait as he was the only one there. There are pictures on the wall of who they are with certifications, I found his picture and he is the manager. WOW I thought. When I got my keys he talked so fast and when explained u need this and this. I just took my keys and left. It was about a week later or so I called and made appointment for work to be done and for them to have all the parts. This time it was during the week as I was off for doctors appointment. I left it there and went to doctors. it was around 3 o'clock when I came back to get my vehicle. I was floored when I got the bill it was only the cost was only 250 plus taxes !!!! I asked the gentalman at counter (short cubby guy) why is it so less. He explained to me all u needed was services on Ur brakes and alignment not replaced. I said why was I told I need 900 dollars worth of work. He said I can't tell u that my tech that did the job said when he brought it in brakes are fine they are at 50 % just need serviced. He then went out and had the tech come explain it to me as he's the one that did the work. The tech explained why he recommend that and said preventive maintenance is all I need as my brakes were ok just needed serviced and explained to me very clearly I should at least once a year have that done. Also he said if I'm talking jibberish and your not understanding tell me... as we both laughed. I was very overwhelmed but this tech and service counter person with the professionalism and knowledge of the 2 guys great experience. I second guess about taking it there, I took it to Canadian Tire as I get air miles and there's a payment plan I was going to use that they offer as it was unexpected and around time of family trip. If it wasn't for these Two employees in the Automotive Service I would not bring it there as the last time I felt they were very Unprofessional (manager at that). The two guys I dealt with at time of my repairs VERY PROFESSIONAL. I would go there anytime for repairs but only talk to one of the two I talked to. louise
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    By from Cornwall
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    canadian tire safety checks
    i went to the store on ninth street. what a waste. i had the car inspected by my mechanic before bringing it there, that mechanic told me no problems with the car to pass safety check. canadian tire says there is 1500 dollars worth of repairs to do. i will bring my car somewhere else and get it rechecked. i will never bring my car there again. 23 and change just to change a light bulb for the turn signal because its not a amber one. doesnt make sense to me. the car runs beautifully and they say my struts or shocks are done no way. why because im a woman they are trying to gauge me
    No, I would NOT recommend this business to a friend
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