•  Brand Felt of Canada Limited
  • Brand Felt of Canada Limited
    Mississauga, ON

  • About Brand Felt of Canada Limited:

    Brand Felt of Canada Limited has manufacturing know-how dating back to 1959. We are a family run business proudly thriving for over four decades. We originally offered manufactured SAE Industrial felts. BrandFelt has since expanded to provide specialized cutting and conversion of felts, engineering pressed felts and a variety of technical felts through the use of environmentally friendly wool processing.  

    As a business and manufacturer, we are proud to provide services to a vast range of industries, including chemical, steel, display, furniture, automotive and exhibit industries to name a few. The Brand Felt Ltd. believes in fulfilling the client’s requirements through great customer service and product satisfaction, ensuring long-lasting client relationships and loyalty.


    • Tac-On
    • S.A.E. Felts
    • Custom Felts
    • Custom Cut Parts
    • Wheels & Sheets
    • Designer Felts
    • Craft Felts
    • Felt Floor Protectors
    • Insoles and Liners
    • Maple Syrup Filters
    • SPA Buttons
    • Overshoes and Slippers
    • Felt Erasers
    • Burlap
    • Cork and Neoprene Foam
    • Sliders and Gliders
    • Chamois
    • Equestrian


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