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Administration of Educational Programs in Vancouver, BC

  • Writer-Elite
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 604-733-9211
      I'm a freelance writer who can put my thoughts together with an editor and give a handy life hack on how to write. Since there are no writers' institutes, and the Literary Institute is a little ...more
    • Phone: 090-909-0990
      The language barrier is another reason given by thousands of international students for turning to professional writing websites for help with their assignments. For those these ESL students, ...more
  • Q College
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 250-298-5059
      Q College will continue to develop innovative and flexible educational approaches to serve the needs of our students. Q College encourages and supports creativity and innovation in the development ...more
  • Eton college
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 604-677-3866
      Eton College is a leading business, travel, tourism, hospitality, and flight attendant career college that focuses on careEton College Canada specializes in Business Management, Tourism Management, ...more
  • Global Class Group
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 778-382-9921
      Global Class Group offers you a vision for your future. We offer you the best way to achieve your education and immigration dreams. We are the first company to offer education and immigration ...more
  • S.T.E.M. Store of Canada
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 778-822-8658
    We are a small family business based in Coquitlam, BC, Canada, started in 2016. The two founders have two school-aged children. It has been quite a challenge to feed their seemingly insatiable ...more
  • BeforeWriting
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 917-675-3134
    We provide high-quality writing papers for students and business! We are elite and pro writers and we give a perfect quality of services! Welcome to
  • Phone: 604-736-8000, Fax: 604-731-9819
    What could be better than combining work and travel? Hospitality and tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world, offering countless rewarding employment opportunities ...more
  • QuitMarijuana.Org
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 778-241-5453
    QuitMarijuana.Org provides an online course and community to teach you how to stop smoking weed
  • Phone: 604-638-5398
    With our long-term, strategic approach and global perspective, we help our students gain admission to and succeed at top-tier private schools and colleges.
  • Vancouver School Board
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-713-5000, Fax: 604-713-5049
    Elementary & Secondary Schools