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Search, Detection, Navigation, Aeronautical Instruments in Canada

  • Montréal, QC
    GENEQ Inc. is a leader in the provision of scientific instruments to experiment and take action to make the monitoring and sampling.
  • Both manual & automatic sequential testers are offered by Criterion Instruments Ltd. to satisfy the needs of both high and low volume applications.
  • GPS Central
    8-711 48 Ave SE. Calgary, AB, T2G 4X2
    When you’re planning your next adventure, a navigation system from GPS ... more
  • Autotronic Services
    1531 Warden Ave. Scarborough, ON, M1R 4Z8
    We sell direct fit OEM style In-Dash GPS systems and accessories!!
  • ACGlobal Systems
    2795 Highway Dr. Trail, BC, V1R 2T1
    • Phone: 604-256-5740
      Alamein develop and deliver a range of Mobile Workforce Management solutions. We specialize in affordable systems to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your mobile workforce and fleet ...more
  • Candoo Systems Inc.
    Coquitlam, BC
    • Phone: 778-840-0361
      Candoo Systems Inc. is a high technology company that specializes in magnetic field sensor services and products. It consults on both MEG system and SQUID sensor based system. The company is ...more
  • Airport Sault Ste Marie Dev
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON
    • Phone: 705-779-3031, Fax: 705-779-3371
      The Sault Ste. Marie Airport is owned and operated by the Sault Ste. Marie Airport Development Corporation (SSMADC), a private not-for-profit corporation. A board of nine directors makes all ...more
  • Phone: 416-754-2898
    Fortress Technology has grown rapidly to become a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sales of metal detector systems since starting on a small-scale in 1996. In fact, thousands of ...more
  • SkyBase Geomatic Solutions Inc.
    Grande Prairie, AB
    Phone: 780-814-2130, Fax: 780-814-2398
    Navigational Software and Mapping Solutions, specializing in the Oil & Gas Industry. Proprietary routable road datasets are what sets us apart. Finished products for GPS, PC and web (AVL). Flagship ...more
  • Phone: 416-299-6666, Fax: 416-299-8398
    Both manual & automatic sequential testers are offered by Criterion Instruments Ltd. to satisfy the needs of both high and low volume applications.
  • NavTech Services Inc.
    Richmond, BC
    Phone: 604-441-7315, Fax: 604-273-2216
    Technical Services and Consulting; Electro-mechanical , Hydraulic Systems , Automation & Controls
  • Geneq Inc.
    Montréal, QC
    Phone: 514-354-2511, Fax: 514-354-6948
    GENEQ Inc. is a leader in the provision of scientific instruments to experiment and take action to make the monitoring and sampling.
  • Phone: 613-596-7000, Fax: 613-820-5081
    General Dynamics Canada provides technology-based electronic systems, systems integration, and in–service support to defence organizations and public security markets in Canada and abroad.
  • Atlantis Systems
    Dartmouth, NS
    Phone: 902-461-6600, Fax: 902-461-6601
    Full Service Training Provider Design & Build - Training Devices - Simulation Models - Interactive Courseware - Instructor Led Training Manage Training Curriculum - Learninglogistics ...more
  • Sea Marine
    Québec, QC
    Phone: 418-691-1000, Fax: 418-691-1000
    Navigation light monitoring and alarm panels, DC and AC distribution panels and small vessel alarm panels.
  • Honeywell
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-607-0300, Fax: 905-608-6001
    Manufacturing, technology, industrial products & services
  • Servo-Robot Inc.
    Saint-Bruno, QC
    Phone: 450-653-7868, Fax: 450-653-7869
    3-D laser vision systems, inspection and metrology, welding automation, inspection and 3-D digitization.
  • CAE
    Saint-laurent, NB
    Phone: 514-341-6780, Fax: 514-341-7699
    Transportation equipment & components. Mfrs. flight Monitering equipments
  • Northstar Aerospace Inc.
    Cambridge, ON
    Phone: 519-653-5774, Fax: 519-653-7190
    Helicopter parts
  • Soucy International Inc
    Drummondville, QC
    Phone: 819-474-6666, Fax: 819-474-8262
    Recreational, military, agricultural, industrial rubber tracks, rubber track systmes and accessories.
  • Hemisphere GPS Inc.
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-259-3311, Fax: 403-259-8866
    Products for the GPS industry, precision farming, marine navigation, surveying, tracking and geographic information systems.
  • Phone: 519-622-2300, Fax: 519-622-1691
    Payload subsystems for communications, space science and remote sensing satellites.
  • Sciencetech Inc.
    London, ON
    Phone: 519-668-0131, Fax: 519-668-0132
    Instrumentation for optical spectroscopy, light sources, monochromator spectrographs and detection systems.
  • Contreron Inc.
    Montréal, QC
    Phone: 514-933-5752, Fax: 514-933-4128
    RFX 1500/2500 cable fault location system for tracing cables and locating faults on buried service wire or wires in walls and ceilings.
  • Applanix Corporation
    Richmond Hill, ON
    Phone: 905-709-4600, Fax: 905-709-6027
    Surveying instruments, surveying equipment, detecting instruments, measuring instruments.
  • Phone: 613-283-3000, Fax: 613-283-6082
    Precision electrical measuring instruments and devices, resistance and voltage standards, oceanographic instrumentation, electric utility test sets for capacitance and inductance, potential ...more
  • Phone: 416-862-7444, Fax: 416-862-7007
    Financial Management
  • Phone: 778-373-4659, Fax: 778-373-0027
    Prepackaged Software
  • Phone: 514-384-2820, Fax: 514-384-4270
    Laboratory furniture and fumehoods,metal cabinets , precision sheet metal.
  • Bot Engineering Ltd.
    Campbellville, ON
    Phone: 905-876-4301, Fax: 905-875-0525
    Mfg. of Electrical Machinery & Navigation & also Supplies
  • Bosik Consultants Ltd.
    Manotick, ON
    Phone: 613-998-3303, Fax: 613-998-3084
    Suspect package container: SPC-1000 contains, removes bomb laden packages. Total containment of blast and resulting gasses. Vehicle barrier systems: high security, anti-ram barriers protect ...more
  • Phone: 514-331-0840, Fax: 514-331-0843
    Test equipment copper, fibre optics, cable pressurization
  • Phone: 519-725-5136, Fax: 519-725-1515
    Mfrs. & Wholesales - Electrical Products
  • Ultra Electronic
    Dartmouth, NS
    Phone: 902-466-7491, Fax: 902-463-6098
    Mfrs - Communication Systems
  • Trans-Electronic Services
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-814-1725, Fax: 905-814-1724
    Exhaust temperature warning device, motion switches, frequency converters, engine idle timers and shut-off devices, vehicle speed controls, tacho and speedometer tester, flight time recorder, ...more
  • Seimac Limited
    Dartmouth, NS
    Phone: 902-468-3007, Fax: 902-468-3009
    Remote telemetry units, ambient noise drifters, expendable buoys, ice and position tracking beacons, navigation and environmental data loggers.
  • Romor Atlantic Limited
    Dartmouth, NS
    Phone: 902-466-7000, Fax: 902-466-4880
  • Phone: 519-885-0110, Fax: 519-885-1178
    Air traffic control systems and radars.
  • Phone: 905-660-9995, Fax: 905-660-9579
    Underground locating and fault locating devices
  • Phone: 250-756-7971, Fax: 250-756-7961
    Web-based performance support and training systems including industrial simulators, and CD Rom multimedia training programs.
  • Phone: 613-822-1251, Fax: 613-822-1256
    Ground based navigational systems, runway visual range systems, wind and altimeter digital display systems, information security and ruggdized communication systems.
  • Metacad 2000 Inc.
    Boucherville, QC
    Phone: 450-449-6690, Fax: 450-449-8185
    Engineering equipment, Machining
  • Phone: 902-468-3356, Fax: 902-468-2278
    Software Develoment Services.
  • Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd
    Port Coquitlam, BC
    Phone: 604-464-8144, Fax: 604-941-5423
    Mfrs. Search Detection Instruments.
  • Phone: 613-267-1165, Fax: 613-267-7085
    Mfrs. Electronic Components.
  • Insight Instrument Corp.
    Fort Erie, ON
    Phone: 905-871-0733, Fax: 905-871-5460
    Mfrs. Aircraft Instrument
  • Internav Limited
    Sydney, NS
    Phone: 902-564-2043, Fax: 902-564-0390
    GMDSS simulators.
  • ISE Research Ltd
    Port Coquitlam, BC
    Phone: 604-942-5223, Fax: 604-942-7577
  • Phone: 902-852-3047, Fax: 902-852-4000
    Telemetry Equipment. Sonar devices, Monitoring systems (temperature), Monitoring systems (electronic), Transmitters, Transponders, Data links (acoustic), Receivers (ultrasonic), Hydrophones, ...more
  • Phone: 519-893-1433, Fax: 519-893-5123
  • CRC-Evans Canada Ltd.
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-440-2005, Fax: 780-440-4952
    Pipe detectors and locators, pipe bending, pipe automatic welding and other specialty pipeline equipment.