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Air and Gas Compressors in Alberta

  • Air works compressors, twister series compressors,T40, T40 Diablo, T40 GH, T60, T100, T185, T60, Twister Hybrid. Looking for Compressors we have them!
  • 15825 118 Avenue Northwest. Edmonton, AB, T5V 1B7
  • Wiseworth Canada Industries, Ltd.
    Wiseworth Canada Industries LTD. is the official Ingersoll Rand distributor ... more
    • Phone: 888-430-9359
      Since 1984 Pumps & Pressure Inc. has supplied and serviced western Canada. Pressure washers, air compressors, hydraulics, car washes and more, Pump & Pressure Inc. carries the top products from ...more
  • Airtek Systems
    Edmonton, AB
    • Phone: 780-452-9909, Fax: 780-452-9969
      At ACME Rentals, as a division of Airtek Systems, you will find a large inventory of industrial air compressors and booster packs suitable for any application. All products can be made fully ...more
    • Phone: 780-449-3080, Fax: 780-449-3081
      Elliott Turbomachinery Canada Incorporated is Edmonton's source for compressors, control systems, spare parts and steam turbines. We also stock lube and seal oil consoles, and turbine generator ...more
    • Phone: 780-986-5955, Fax: 780-986-7113
      Established in 2009 in Leduc, Brittania Industries 2009 Inc. is an Alberta-based fabrication company. We specialize in the packaging of natural gas compression, separator and dryer packages ...more
    • Phone: 780-432-1616, Fax: 780-432-1606
      Fleetwood Air Equipment Limited is an Edmonton-based company, specializing in the supply and maintenance of compressed air systems and replacement components for air compressors. Serving western ...more
    • Phone: 403-291-6777, Fax: 403-291-6116
      Westron is a wholly Canadian owned company that has gained a solid reputation as a prime supplier for municipal, industrial and commercial pump and compressor solutions. Westron's reputation ...more
    • Phone: 780-539-3734, Fax: 780-539-3776
  • Custom Energized Air
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-215-5085, Fax: 403-291-1639
    Since 1991, Custom Energized Air Ltd. has been providing unequaled service to customers throughout Western Canada. We have dedicated ourselves to the highest quality service while supplying ...more
  • Talmek Energy Services
    Slave Lake, AB
    Phone: 780-849-6844, Fax: 780-849-2381
    Talmek Energy Services Ltd in Slave Lake provides compressor and gas engine repair services. We also service pumps, reciprocating pumps and vacuum pumps. Give us a call today for more information ...more
  • Atlas Copco Rental
    Acheson, AB
    Phone: 780-900-4408, Fax: 780-483-5032
    For short- or long-term demands, for planned contingencies or unexpected emergencies: you get the most cost- and energy-effective solutions. From oil-free or oil-lubricated compressed air at ...more
  • Mid-West Pump (90) Ltd
    Lethbridge, AB
    Phone: 403-329-0427, Fax: 403-327-4660
    MID-WEST PUMP (90) LTD. is Southern Alberta's solution for all of your fueling equipment & air compressor requirements. Sales and service of all makes and models of portable, commercial, & industrial ...more
  • Phone: 403-945-1988, Fax: 403-945-1910
    Northwest Equipment is the largest supplier of compressed air equipment and services in Western Canada. We are innovators in the compressed air arena, working tirelessly with engineers and clients ...more
  • Phone: 780-484-5311, Fax: 780-484-5314
  • Phone: 780-955-0700
    Ironline Compression, a company based in Alberta, Canada, is one of the leading providers of gas compression solutions. We provide superior quality gas compression equipment to Canada and the ...more
  • Phone: 403-253-0100, Fax: 403-253-8884
    At Eagle Pump & Compressor Ltd in Calgary, we manufacture and custom package a wide range of air, gas and liquid handling products. Our company has been serving both the petrochemical and industrial ...more
  • Phone: 780-955-2533
    Based in Nisku, Barben Industries Ltd provides technical and cost-saving solutions for compressed air systems. We supply compressor products and pneumatic products to various industries. Call ...more
  • Barben Industries Ltd
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-460-2180
    Barben Industries Ltd. in Calgary offers compressor products, pneumatic products and more. With over 80 years of combined experience, we are the preferred company for technical and cost-effective ...more
  • Phone: 403-504-1707
    At Hat Millwright & Mechanical Services, we are your one-stop-shop for pump service and maintenance. Serving clients in Medicine Hat and the surrounding area, our services include reciprocating, ...more
  • Phone: 403-580-3601, Fax: 403-580-3602
    We are a mechanical service company providing quality workmanship and service to the oil and gas industry since 1993.
  • Phone: 403-348-5567, Fax: 403-348-8765
  • Brogan Safety
    Grande Prairie, AB
    Phone: 780-539-9004
    Brogan Safety Supply Ltd. has nearly 100 years combined sales and safety services experience. At Brogan Safety Supply, you can trust that you will receive the right products at the right ...more
  • Cfm Air Equipment
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-252-1177
    CFM Air Equipment was established in Calgary and has been providing air compressors, air dryers, compressed air filtration, blowers, piping, and parts since 1965. Our 24/7 service department ...more
  • Phone: 587-288-1801
    Homepros air duct cleaning Calgary Alberta Canada does furnace cleaning, repair and service. Air conditioner repairs, servicing and duct clean
  • Bidell Equipment LP
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-235-5877, Fax: 403-272-7749
    Bidell is a leading supplier of reciprocating and rotary screw natural gas compressors from 20 to 8,000 brake horsepower. We are part of Total Energy Services Inc provides Natural and reciprocating ...more
  • Phone: 403-843-4546, Fax: 403-843-0060
    We are fully licensed and available 24 hours to provide repairs and maintenance to all of our clients engines, compressors, pumps, gensets and pump jacks. We provide onsite service with our ...more
  • Phone: 403-243-8003, Fax: 403-243-8023
    Central Air Equipment Ltd is a private company categorized under Wholesale Air and Gas Compressors and located in Calgary, AB, Canada. Our records show it was established in 2006 and incorporated ...more
  • Marathon Compression
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-869-1620
    Marathon Compression is a quality packager of low horsepower compression equipment. We specialize in low pressure vapour recovery units. Our extensive design and engineering expertise ensures ...more
  • AirChekLab
    Sherwood Park, AB
    Phone: 780-467-0972, Fax: 780-490-0472
    Specialize in supplied breathing air analysis and medical air testing for Safety, Fire, Manufacturing, Sandblasting, Coating, Paint, Diving and Oil Industries. Using Z180.1, Z94.4, Z275, Z305 ...more
  • Phone: 780-454-2263, Fax: 780-452-9969
    Air works compressors, twister series compressors,T40, T40 Diablo, T40 GH, T60, T100, T185, T60, Twister Hybrid. Looking for Compressors we have them!
  • Coral Canada Wide
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 800-380-8008
    Coral Canada Wide gives Calgary consumers top quality HVAC Contractor products and services. Our company specializes in Commercial Air Conditioner Repair Sarnia, Commercial Air Conditioner Repair ...more
  • Phone: 888-411-6354
    Canadian Pump and Compressor is a leading provider of industrial pumps, light towers, generators, compressors, dryers, and related equipment. The industrial application areas in which we specialize ...more
  • Phone: 780-436-0604, Fax: 780-436-0532
    Gas and air compressors, gas turbines and steam turbines
  • Texflo Machining Ltd.
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-468-5145, Fax: 780-465-7982
    Machine parts, compressor parts, machine shop
  • Phone: 403-250-7735, Fax: 403-291-9095
    Paint sprayers, Line stripers, HVLP Sprayers, Electrostatic sprayers.
  • Vapor Tech Systems
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-447-3308, Fax: 780-447-4062
    Air and Gas Compressor
  • Phone: 403-236-6800, Fax: 403-236.6816
    Machinery. Compression systems for the production and processing of natural gas, and power generation systems.
  • Phone: 403-236-6800, Fax: 403-279-0367
    Wholeselling of durable goods
  • Phone: 403-358-3200
    Collicutt Hanover is one of Canada's leading businesses engaged in the service and fabrication of natural gas compression and power generation equipment. Headquartered in Red Deer, AB, the ...more
  • Phone: 403-723-5340, Fax: 403-291-2436
    Mfrs.&Whol - Air and natural gas compressors
  • Phone: 780-445-8780, Fax: 780-439-7063
    Flange facing, line boring, pumps, journal machining, laser alignment, portable milling machine, heat exchangers and compressors.
  • Bidell Equipment LP
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-235-5877, Fax: 403-272-7749
    Air & Gas Compressors (
  • Allwest Compressor Services
    Medicine Hat, AB
    Phone: 403-529-5111, Fax: 403-527-4469
    Manufacturing about Air & Gas
  • Phone: 780-464-8900, Fax: 780-464-8942
    Industrial gas turbine, gas turbine generator sets, centrifugal gas compressors.
  • Phone: 403-219-0270, Fax: 403-291-4919
    Pumping equipment systems and compressor packages for industrial applications and for use in municipal and sewage systems, also large commercial institutional buildings.
  • Phone: 403-279-0727, Fax: 403-279-0729
    Machining, Compressor parts, Starter components
  • Phone: 780-435-5722, Fax: 780-436-8227
    Compressor parts, machine shop
  • Berkley Compressor Mfg
    Red Deer, AB
    Phone: 403-885-2976, Fax: 403-309-6690
  • Phone: 780-430-0335, Fax: 780-430-0358