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Mining Machinery and Equipment, Except Oil & Gas Field in Canada

  • Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
    Equipment for chemical, food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries including centrifuges, dryers, feeders, mixers, pulverizers and bulk materials handling.
  • Manufacturer Rock crushing equipment
  • Cambridge, ON
    Distilling Equipment, Ceramic Pumps, Gauges, Glass
  • Burlington, ON
    Water softeners, carbon and sand filters, dealkalizers, automatic and service exchange deionizers, reverse osmosis systems
  • Brampton, ON
    Dielectric Matting, Carbon Brush, Aluminum Granules, Petroleum Calibration Standards, Trailing Power Cables, Mining Shovel & Drill Parts, Inspection QA/QC Services
  • Phone: 416-335-7500, Fax: 416-335-7800
    Plastic powdered corrosion resistant and protective coatings applied to metal parts.
  • Phone: 519-686-1123, Fax: 519-686-9350
    Since 1976 have delivered high quality reconditioned heavy construction equipment, landfill compactors, waste disposal tractors, bulldozers, excavators, scrapers, articulated trucks, wheel loaders ...more
  • Stampede Crane & Rigging
    Lethbridge, AB
    Phone: 403-320-8117, Fax: 403-320-8118
    We have mobile cranes ranging in size from 65 tons to 300 tons and some of the most safety focused and qualified operators in the industry. All of this is complimented by a wide selection rigging ...more
  • Tool Room Services Inc.
    Burlington, ON
    Phone: 905-634-2355
    Custom CNC machine shop that specializes in high end protoypes for the mining, petrochemical, oil sands, nuclear and aerospace industries.
  • Phone: 519-451-5320, Fax: 519-453-8753
    Mfrs. of machine
  • Phone: 705-682-1152, Fax: 705-682-0708
    Electric Contractors - ISO 9001-2008 - High Voltage Cable Inst. - Cable Fault Detection - Heavy Industrial Installation and Commissioning - Underground Inst. - Shaft Cable Inst. - Mining - Motor ...more
  • Wabi Iron & Steel Corp
    New Liskeard, ON
    Phone: 705-647-4383, Fax: 705-647-6954
    Iron, steel, stainless steel foundry, steel fabrication
  • Assinck Limited
    Scarborough, ON
    Phone: 888-801-4700, Fax: 888-801-4900
    Manufactures - Conveyors & Ready-mix Plants
  • Phone: 705-472-3320, Fax: 705-472-6843
    A complete range of diamond bits, diamond core drills, core barrels, pumps, drill rods for mineral exploration, diamond drills, saw blades, concrete core bits and full line of accessories.
  • West Coast Machinery Ltd
    Abbotsford, BC
    Phone: 604-855-5101, Fax: 604-859-7799
    Excavator Attachements, Hydraulic Hammers, Hydraulic Compactors, Scrap Shears. Truck Equipment, Worktruck Bodies and Equipment, Dump Boxes, Service Bodies, Cranes, Snowplows, Snow and Ice Equipment, ...more
  • Phone: 613-332-9960, Fax: 613-332-9818
    Lumber-drying equiptment, Dry Kilns, prefabricated buildings and enclosures Wood presevertaion equiptemnt, Control Systems, Piping Systems Special purpose Handling equiptment, Protype machaines ...more
  • Econo Lift Ltd.
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-828-1366, Fax: 905-828-6116
    Mfrs. Industrial Machinery & Equipments
  • W.S. Tyler Canada
    St. Catharines, ON
    Phone: 905-688-2644, Fax: 905-688-4733
    Mfrs. miscellaneous fabricated wire products
  • Jelka Seals Limited
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-625-3988, Fax: 905-625-1878
  • Phone: 705-566-5030, Fax: 705-566-1628
    Underground Utility Vehicles.
  • Krupp Canada Inc.
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-245-2866, Fax: 403-245-5625
    Engineering and Design, Mining equipment, Crushers, Loaders (ship)
  • Phone: 905-428-1980, Fax: 905-428-6933
    Steel mill and mining equipment, custom steel fabrication and plate forming and rolling.
  • Phone: 705-524-0872, Fax: 705-524-2846
    Mining equipment, Construction equipment, Forestry equipment
  • Simar-Dacon Inc.
    Beloeil, QC
    Phone: 450-464-9988, Fax: 450-446-2378
    Conception, engineering and fabrication of conveyors systems for bulk handling applications in the aggregates industry (quarries, mines, sand and gravel plants, asphalt plants).
  • Phone: 604-888-0025, Fax: 604-888-7642
    Rimex manufactures wheels and rims for mining, forestry and industrial applications.
  • Phone: 604-270-8277, Fax: 604-270-9770
    Mining equipment
  • Sadler Inc.
    Montréal, QC
    Phone: 514-931-4271, Fax: 514-931-4275
    Custom conveyor system mfr. Engineers & manufactures case & pallet conveyors for horizontal or vertical applications either as individual units or completely integrated systems for mfg., processing, ...more
  • Arkbro Industries
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-602-9291, Fax: 905-602-9296
    Arkbro Industries designs and manufactures mining construction equipment and provides Raise Mining Consulting services to the mining industry for applications in raise mining, horizontal drilling, ...more
  • Firwin Corp.
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-745-9389, Fax: 416-745-0782
    Removable thermal insulation blankets for diesel exhaust systems and high temperature process equipment, SCR and catalytic heat retention, plastic extrusion machinery, spray shields for valves ...more
  • Badger Income Fund
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-264-8500, Fax: 403-268-9773
    Oil & gas field services
  • Phone: 613-745-7095, Fax: 613-745-6620
    Cranes, snow and ice control equipment, dump bodies service and utility bodies, interiors, liftgates, platform bodies, hooklifts, truck equipment, truck accessories.
  • Phone: 905-333-1432, Fax: 905-333-1479
    Complete material handling solution provider. Specializing in engineered products. Load beams, spreaders, coil hooks, pallet lifters, rotators, clamps, upenders, lift tables, jib, gantry, overhead ...more
  • Phone: 519-742-7151, Fax: 519-742-0988
    Concrete batch plants, concrete buckets, belt conveyors, bulk cement storage silos, bulk weighing and handling systems.
  • Phone: 905-732-7591, Fax: 905-732-3310
    Conveying equipment and systems, vibrating equipment, air quality control equipment, heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners and systems, foundry equipment and systems, contract equipment manufacturing ...more
  • Foremost Income Fund
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-295-5800, Fax: 403-295-5810
    Machinery. Off-highway, multi-purpose, tracked carriers and lowpressure tired vehicles, mineral and exploration drilling equipment.
  • Intertex Textiles Inc.
    Oakville, ON
    Phone: 905-842-7627, Fax: 905-842-7704
    High temperature insulating fabrics, textiles, curtains, dropcloths, as well as clothing such as gloves, aprons, hoods, blankets. Suppliers of heat resistant woven cloths, insulating tapes, ...more
  • Masdom Inc.
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-751-2380, Fax: 416-751-5771
    Distributor of air and liquid filtration, vibration control, air actuation products, industrial noise control and bulk material handling equipment. Distribution, testing and repair of safety ...more
  • Phone: 519-537-8037, Fax: 519-539-9191
    Standard and custom industrial cranes. Gantry; powered, manual steerable. Jib; free-standing, wall and column mounted, articulating, elevating mast, powered rotational. Floor; manual, powered. ...more
  • S Huot Inc
    Québec, QC
    Phone: 418-681-0291, Fax: 418-681-3742
    Sawmill equipment, machining , hydraulics
  • Phone: 905-898-4889, Fax: 905-898-2822
    Tunnelling & mining machines and equipment, TBM's, digger shields and TDM's.
  • Phone: 604-513-9930, Fax: 604-513-9905
    Sawmill and pulpmill machinery, transmission and conveying equipment for mines, forest industry, filtration, lubrication and fluid power products for these industries.
  • Phone: 250-762-3131, Fax: 250-860-6618
    Mfg. of Fabricated Plate Work Mining Machinery and Equipment.
  • Hydac Corporation
    Welland, ON
    Phone: 905-714-9322, Fax: 905-714-4664
    Extensive line of products and systems for fluid technology, hydraulics and diagnostics, as individual components or complete packages; includes filtration, laboratory services, accumulators, ...more
  • Phone: 403-279-3877, Fax: 403-236-0186
  • Canun International
    Val Caron, ON
    Phone: 705-897-0400, Fax: 705-897-3250
    Mfrs. about Mining Machine
  • Phone: 705-692-1313, Fax: 705-692-1314
    Mfrs Mining & Construction Equipments
  • Phone: 780-444-7522, Fax: 780-444-8910
    Wheels and rims and related components.
  • A.R.D. Industries Ltd.
    Cambridge, ON
    Phone: 519-622-1652, Fax: 519-622-1358
    Friction welded components and friction welding subcontract service.
  • Basic Concrete Cutting
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-670-8142, Fax: 905-670-0652
    Concrete cutting and core drilling.
  • Phone: 519-599-2015, Fax: 519-599-6803
  • Phone: 780-465-7536, Fax: 780-469-2376
    Power units (hydraulic), Augres, Pneumatic systems, Pumps, Motors, Valves, Filters, Cylinders.
  • Phone: 905-677-5068, Fax: 905-677-4550
    World leader in the manufacture of round wire woven metal conveyor belting, including friction drive or positive (chain) drive applications. Custom designed belting for a full range of low ...more
  • Black Box Automation
    Georgetown, PE
    Phone: 905-873-0141, Fax: 905-877-1809
    Mfrs. Mining Machinery and Equipment
  • Phone: 204-728-8590, Fax: 204-726-5734
    General machine shop repair work, spare parts for mining, food, industrial and agricultural industries.
  • Badger Daylighting Inc
    Red Deer, AB
    Phone: 403-343-0303, Fax: 403-343-0401
    Equipment for the oil and gas sector.