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Plastics materials and synthetics in Canada

  • Brampton, ON
    Electrical and mechanical plastics.
  • AL Plastics
    Toronto, ON
    • Phone: 647-691-1232
      Founded in 1985, A.L. Plastics has become one of the top plastic fabricators in North America. Located in Toronto Ontario, we operate out of our 12,000 square foot plant facility.
  • Piedmont Plastics
    Calgary, AB
    • Phone: 403-234-0025, Fax: 704-598-7912
      Piedmont Plastics is an industry leading provider of plastic sheets, plastic materials, and plastic products. We also have several value added service offerings. Founded in 1968, we have expanded ...more
    • Phone: 604-826-9200
      Established in 2003, Topper Floating Solar PV Mounting Manufacturer Co., Ltd. concentrates on reliable floating solar mounting systems for floating Solar PV power plants & Farms. Topper Solar ...more
  • Acrylic Depot
    Toronto, ON
    • Phone: 416-744-9222, Fax: 416-740-6116
      Plastic fabrication company in Toronto, Ontario. Providing cut to size plastic fabrication since 1985
  • Colournext Inc
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 647-975-1636
    Color and additive Masterbatch for Plastic Industry
  • Phone: 416-438-4317
    We are a plastic materials supplier in Whitby Ontario. We supply pipe, valves fittings and sheet at our online e-store. We have been selling plastics since 1982 and are a Canadian company. Our ...more
  • Mel Tech Plastics
    Tilbury, ON
    Phone: 519-682-2900
    We Buy Scrap Plastic, such as plastic buckets, crates, totes, bins and baled bulky rigids. We Supply clean ready to use, recycled HDPE plastic regrind of various grades for a wide variety of ...more
  • Alcot Plastics Ltd
    Guelph, ON
    Phone: 519-767-2899, Fax: 519-767-1093
    Founded in 1983 in Milton, Ontario, Alcot Plastics Ltd. gained a reputation of being a responsive and qualified manufacturer of extruded polyethylene foam products. Jan Alac, the founder and ...more
  • Phone: 403-877-0691
    Our plastic injection moulding machines are thermoset-system which has special barrel-screw. At the beginning of my work experience, I also talked with other handle manufacturers which have ...more
  • Green City Plastics Inc.
    Oldcastle, ON
    Phone: 519-965-2874
    Scrap plastic collection of defective and obsolete material. Also purchase scrap plastic. Bin, trailer or gaylord drop off. Toll Regrind Service. We sell plastic regrind.
  • Colournext Inc
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 647-975-1636
    Masterbatch for Plastic Industry
    Milton, ON
    Phone: 905-878-7890, Fax: 905-878-8452
    Rotovac is the newest and one of the largest rotational molding and vacuum forming companies in Canada. Our rotational molding and vacuum forming processes enable Rotovac to produce a wide variety ...more
  • Phone: 416-917-7771, Fax: 905-492-2462
    We buy and sell plastic and metal scarp. plastic scrap from industrial plastic packaging and plastic film manufacturing and laminating of film, we buy them in rejected rolls and bales and other ...more
  • Edge Plastics
    Tappen, BC
    Phone: 250-835-4545
    plastic fabrication, custom plastic fabrication, plastic sheets, wholesale fabrication, cut to size sheets, rod/tube. Fast, quality, wholesale, custom plastic fabrication services. custom ...more
  • G.R.T. Genesis Inc.
    Brampton, ON
    Phone: 905-452-0552, Fax: 905-452-8217
    Electrical and mechanical plastics.
  • Phone: 613-228-3295, Fax: 613-225-5297
    PVC Industrial Products has been supplying Ottawa-Gatineau and Eastern Ontario with pipe, fittings, valves and gaskets since 1996. We supply PVC, CPVC, HDPE and all sorts of materials for these ...more
  • Prairie Pride
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-488-6077
    Prairie Pride has been a manufacturer and distributor of equipment for the hog and poultry industry since 1971. It is our mandate to produce high quality poly products that best suit our customers' ...more
  • Phone: 604-275-5588, Fax: 604-275-7867
    Products ............................................................................. - Geomembranes - Product Packaging - Silt and Sediment Control Products - Erosion Control Products - ...more
  • Plasti-Fab Ltd
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-222-3261, Fax: 204-222-8817
    Polystyrene products (expanded), Insulation (expanded polystyrene), Boards (insulation), Flotation products, Filling materials, Packaging (loose fill), Insulation (thermal), Insulation (building), ...more
  • PMC Film Canada Inc.
    Tottenham, ON
    Phone: 905-936-3451, Fax: 905-936-3069
    Film (plastic), Polypropylene products, Polyethylene products, Polystyrene products (expanded)
  • Schlegel Canada Inc.
    Oakville, ON
    Phone: 905-845-6657, Fax: 905-335-3181
    Weatherstrip and trim for construction and automotive markets composed of extruded plastics, pile, specialty polymers, clad urethane foam, plastic components.
  • Halisa Canada Ltd.
    Lasalle, QC
    Phone: 514-364-4710, Fax: 514-364-5070
    Plastic product manufacturers: polystyrene, PVC, OPS, PETG, APET, clear plastic boxes and thermoform products.