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Newspapers (publishers) in Alberta

  • Canada News Media
    Edmonton, AB
    • Phone: 289-335-3154
      Latest Canadian news and top headlines from all around the world. Stay up-to- date with breaking news, national news, sports, business, politics and more.
  • Local News Canada
    Edmonton, AB
    • Phone: 226-778-2113
      Local News Canada is a news broadcasting organization stationed in Edmonton, Alberta. It brings you the latest news about Canada from the heart of its most populated city. Our team of professional ...more
  • Local News Canada
    Edmonton, AB
    • Phone: 226-778-2113
      Local News Canada is a news broadcasting organization stationed in Edmonton, Alberta. It brings you the latest news about Canada from the heart of its most populated city. Our team of professional ...more
  • Calgary Sun
    Calgary, AB
    • Phone: 403-410-1010
  • Great West Newspapers LP
    Alberta Beach, AB
    • Phone: 780-460-5500
      Great West Newspapers Limited Partnership is an Alberta based newspaper chain with multiple titles spread throughout Alberta, Canada. Located in St. Albert, Alberta, GWN LP is co-owned by Jamison ...more
  • Rocky View Weekly
    Airdrie, AB
    • Phone: 403-948-1885
      The Rocky View Weekly has been serving Alberta communities such as Acme, Linden, Beiseker, Irricana, and Kathryn with news focused on rural regions surrounding Calgary since 1974. The Rocky ...more
  • Rishi Nagar
    Calgary, AB
    • Phone: 587-899-1060
      Rishi Nagar is one of the Best and popular motivational speaker in Calgary, Alberta Canada.
  • Calgary Herald
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-235-7100
  • Phone: 403-609-0220
    The Rocky Mountain Outlook has been the leading source for local news and events in the Canmore-Banff corridor since 2001. With humble beginnings, the Outlook is dedicated to growing and evolving ...more
  • Cochrane Eagle
    Cochrane, AB
    Phone: 403-932-6588, Fax: 403-851-6520
    The Cochrane Eagle is a national and provincial award-winning community newspaper based in Cochrane, Alberta. Our paper is dedicated to informing the residents of Cochrane and immediate area ...more
  • Okotoks Western Wheel
    Okotoks, AB
    Phone: 403-938-6397, Fax: 403-938-2518
    The Okotoks Western Wheel is an award-winning community newspaper serving Okotoks and surrounding area with hyper-local news since 1976. About 35,000 residents of Okotoks and surrounding area ...more
  • Airdrie City View
    Airdrie, AB
    Phone: 403-948-1885, Fax: 403-948-2554
    As a rapidly developing community, Airdrie is a community of young families. The Airdrie City View is dedicated to informing these families by covering the events and stories that matter most ...more
  • Sundre Round Up
    Sundre, AB
    Phone: 403-638-3577, Fax: 403-638-3077
    The Sundre Round Up has been the main source of information in Sundre and the surrounding area since 1960. We supply hyper-local news to the community focusing on events and organizations that ...more
  • Olds Albertan
    Olds, AB
    Phone: 403-556-7510
    The Olds Albertan has been dedicated to informing, educating, and entertaining readers within Olds and the surrounding area through hyper-local news since 1993. The paper, published and circulated ...more
  • Phone: 403-556-7510, Fax: 403-556-7515
    The Mountain View Gazette is dedicated to serving Mountain View County, Cremona, Carstairs, and Didsbury with high-quality, hyper-local news. We are proud to be the source of a truly regional ...more
  • Innisfail Province
    Innisfail, AB
    Phone: 403-227-3477, Fax: 403-227-3330
    The Innisfail Province has been supplying residents of Innisfail and surrounding communities with comprehensive local coverage for more than 100 years. With its first editions printing in 1906, ...more
  • Gazette Press
    St. Albert, AB
    Phone: 780-418-4749, Fax: 780-460-8220
    Gazette Press specializes in printing newspapers, directories, flyers, educational calendars and periodicals for clients across Alberta. We tackle any task, from metro dailies to your local ...more
  • Lac La Biche Post
    Lac La Biche, AB
    Phone: 780-623-4221, Fax: 780-623-4230
    The Lac La Biche Post is an award-winning community newspaper located in Lac La Biche, Alberta. The Post has been serving the region for more than 40 years, covering the news and events that ...more
  • Athabasca Advocate
    Athabasca, AB
    Phone: 780-675-9222, Fax: 780-675-3143
    The Athabasca Advocate is an award-winning community newspaper located in the Athabasca, Alberta. Our team of dedicated journalists provides extensive coverage of the stories that matter to ...more
  • Barrhead Leader
    Barrhead, AB
    Phone: 780-674-3823, Fax: 780-674-6337
    The Barrhead Leader is an award-winning news publication located in the Town of Barrhead, Alberta. We have been serving the community of Barrhead and surrounding areas with quality news and ...more
  • Westlock News
    Westlock, AB
    Phone: 780-349-3033, Fax: 780-349-3677
    The Westlock News is an award-winning weekly newspaper located in Westlock. Our team of journalists serves the town and county of Westlock with local news that matters. Published every Tuesday, ...more
  • Bonnyville Nouvelle
    Bonnyville, AB
    Phone: 780-826-3876, Fax: 780-826-7062
    The Bonnyville Nouvelle is an award-winning news publication located in Bonnyville, Alberta. The Nouvelle has been the number one source for community news, sports and information for Bonnyville ...more
  • St. Albert Gazette
    St. Albert, AB
    Phone: 780-460-5500
    The St. Albert Gazette was founded in 1961 in the centennial year of Alberta's oldest permanent settlement. Today the twice-weekly full-colour tabloid focuses on delivering award-winning journalism ...more
  • Beaver River Banner
    Cold Lake, AB
    Phone: 780-201-0623
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • beaver river banner
    Cold Lake, AB
    Phone: 780-201-0623
    Weekly newspaper serving the northern Alberta/Saskatchewan market.
  • InSide Drumheller Ltd.
    Drumheller, AB
    Phone: 403-823-3333
    Newspapers (manufacturers)
  • Phone: 403-250-5942
    The Epoch Times (Da Ji Yuan) is the highest circulating Chinese newspaper in Calgary and the most highly read, replacing Singtao which was previously the top read paper in Calgary until the ...more
  • Redwater Review
    Redwater, AB
    Phone: 780-942-2023, Fax: 780-942-2515
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • Phone: 403-230-8118, Fax: 403-230-8790
    Newspapers (manufacturers)
  • Weekly Anchor
    Edson, AB
    Phone: 780-723-5787, Fax: 780-723-5725
    Newspapers (publishers) AWNA Circulation over 5000 - The Weekly Anchor is a Locally Owned Independent Community Newspaper located in Edson, Alberta, Canada, west of Edmonton on the Yellowhead ...more
  • With The Times
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-244-8020, Fax: 403-244-8019
    Magazines, newspapers, & greeting cards
  • Phone: 403-255-0759
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • Canadian Press
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-428-6107, Fax: 780-428-0663
    News Syndicates
  • Phone: 403-935-4221, Fax: 403-935-4981
  • Strathcona County This Week
    Sherwood Park, AB
    Phone: 780-464-5176, Fax: 780-467-4125
    printing and publishing
  • Saint City News
    St. Albert, AB
    Phone: 780-460-8000, Fax: 780-460-2437
    Weekly newspaper.
  • Sherwood Park News
    Sherwood Park, AB
    Phone: 780-464-0033, Fax: 780-464-8512
  • High River Times
    High River, AB
    Phone: 403-652-2034, Fax: 403-652-3962
    Mfrs Newspaper & Publishing and Printing
  • Edmonton Jewish News
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-421-7983, Fax: 780-424-3951
    News Center
  • Phone: 780-865-3115, Fax: 780-865-1252
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • Hythe Headliner
    Hythe, AB
    Phone: 780-356-2000
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • Coronation Review
    Coronation, AB
    Phone: 403-578-4111, Fax: 403-578-2088
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • Your Coffee Mate
    Devon, AB
    Phone: 780-985-2779, Fax: 780-987-3657
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • Didsbury Review
    Didsbury, AB
    Phone: 403-335-3301, Fax: 403-335-8143
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • Western Review
    Drayton Valley, AB
    Phone: 780-542-5380, Fax: 780-542-9200
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • Lacombe Globe
    Lacombe, AB
    Phone: 403-782-3498, Fax: 403-782-5850
    Newspapers (manufacturers)
  • Phone: 780-895-2063, Fax: 780-895-2063
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • Lethbridge Shopper
    Lethbridge, AB
    Phone: 403-329-8225, Fax: 403-329-8211
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • Gunrunner Newspaper
    Lethbridge, AB
    Phone: 403-327-3030
    Newspapers (publishers)
  • In The Ink
    Lethbridge, AB
    Phone: 403-380-3854, Fax: 403-380-3856
    Newspapers (publishers)