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Automotive Trimmings, Apparel Findings and Related Prod in Canada

  • Phone: 450-686-7641, Fax: 450-686-8962
    rust proofing automotive automatic car starters detailing
  • Auto Truck Depot
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-214-3637, Fax: 403-243-8121
    Everything Automotive Calgary and all Canadian Auto Accessories including tonneau covers, trailer hitches and more. We Ship anywhere in Canada.
  • Next Trend Designs Inc.
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-629-2666, Fax: 905-629-2551
    We are one of the most successful full-service promotional solutions providers in the industry. The Next Trend Designs deals with all aspects of logo wear, recognition programs and idea creation. ...more
  • Phone: 250-478-5554, Fax: 250-478-5506
    Mfrs. - Custom Imprinted Ringbinders, Speciality Binders
  • Bow Art Canada Inc
    Thornhill, ON
    Phone: 905-707-5423, Fax: 905-707 5422
    Gift Bows-manufacturers
  • Sherway Nissan
    Etobicoke, ON
    Phone: 866-292-8583, Fax: 416-239-4072
  • Phone: 613-969-1460, Fax: 613-969-1399
    Automotive air conditioning components.
  • Mid-West Sportswear Ltd.
    Saskatoon, SK
    Phone: 306-244-7730, Fax: 306-244-5387
    Crests, Emblems, Silk screen printing, Embroidery, In-house graphic art Manufacturer of outerwear Vast selection of brand name apparel and promotional items
  • Dunwoody Booth Packaging
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-828-5583, Fax: 905-828-4799
    Printed packaging, shopping bags, giftware, clothing boxes, tissue paper and labels.
  • NTD Apparel Inc.
    Saint-laurent, NB
    Phone: 514-341-8330, Fax: 514-341-9606
    T shirts, Sweatwear, Clothing (promotional)
  • Phone: 403-219-0688, Fax: 403-219-0694
    Combustible gas detectors, toxic gas detectors, fixed gas detectors, IR/UV flame detectors, 3IR flame detectors and air quality monitoring.
  • Idée Pro Inc.
    Québec, QC
    Phone: 418-522-4455, Fax: 418-522-7337
    Silk screen printing, decals, badges, screen printing, (textile), embroidering, t shirts, sighs
  • Groupe Bo Concept
    Anjou, QC
    Phone: 514-323-6767, Fax: 514-323-0684
    Vehicle wrap and trimmings POP material and displays Signage and graphic products Silk screen printing Large format digital printing Way finding systems Brand identification and promotion Banners ...more
  • Phone: 902-876-8888, Fax: 902-876-0395
    Mfrs. Printed Garments
  • Phone: 888-977-4834, Fax: 905-890-7070
    2800 Chemicals & allied Products
  • All Seasons Display Ltd.
    Scarborough, ON
    Phone: 416-293-6591, Fax: 416-293-5325
    Flags, banners and aluminum poles.
  • Phone: 204-942-3521, Fax: 204-957-0779
    Chenille crests, screen, loom, and sub-loom cresting, swiss embroidering, pennants, medallions, metal pins.
  • Phone: 905-428-3843, Fax: 905-428-3847
    Pressure sensitive labels, lenticular. Bookmarks, mouse pads, magnets, scratch’n’sniff, tacky note strips, buttons, glow in the dark stickers, cling it temporary tattoo’s, domed decals, Nevada ...more
  • Fia Inc.
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-475-0515, Fax: 204-284-8246
    Automotive accessories such as seat covers, winterfronts, and bug screen grills
  • InGLasCo Corporation Ltd.
    Sherbrooke, QC
    Phone: 819-566-1994, Fax: 819-566-1846
    Silk screen printing, logos, hockey pucks, sports accessories.
  • Phone: 514-273-9128, Fax: 514-273-9266
    Trimmings for shoes, handbags, garments and belts.
  • Calko (Canada) Inc.
    Rivière-du-Loup, QC
    Phone: 418-862-2473, Fax: 418-862-0363
    Narrow fabrics, boot & shoe laces, hook & loop tapes, trim.
  • Durham Pattern & Model Ltd.
    Bowmanville, ON
    Phone: 905-623-8700, Fax: 905-623-1067
    Automotive Meal fixtures, services, enc servi
  • Phone: 705-743-4113, Fax: 705-742-6111
    Custom injection molding & painting- Automobile, furniture, business machines, medical equipment
  • Phone: 519-945-2055, Fax: 519-945-8083
    Mfrs. vehicle Parts
  • Cameron Advertising Display
    Scarborough, ON
    Phone: 416-752-7220, Fax: 416-752-8575
    Large format graphics, banners, posters, transit advertising flat bed digital printing
  • Block Bindings Ltd.
    Montréal, QC
    Phone: 514-381-7493, Fax: 514-381-6725
    Mfrs & wholesales - Automotive Trimming Apparel, Finding and Related Products
  • Phone: 416-504-8229, Fax: 416-504-7229
    Mfrs of Men's & boys Neckwear & Formal wears
  • B & B Decals
    Oakville, ON
    Phone: 905-847-3311, Fax: 905-847-3312
    Mfrs. Silk Screening Printing
  • Autoliv Canada Inc.
    Tilbury, ON
    Phone: 519-682-1083, Fax: 519-682-2562
    Mfrs Automotive Parts
  • Apparel Trimmings Inc.
    Scarborough, ON
    Phone: 416-298-6998, Fax: 416-298-8802
    Apparel Trimmings (Polyester Tape,Garment labels)nothing to do with automotive.
  • Accolade Group
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-465-7211, Fax: 416-465-4571
    Screen printing, silk screen printing, embroidering.
  • Phone: 613-725-1561, Fax: 613-728-3903
    Wholesalers - Men and Boy Clothing (Various)
  • Westmark Products Ltd.
    Stony Plain, AB
    Phone: 780-963-2477, Fax: 780-963-8248
    Survey Stakes & lath, lumber reload, custom remanufacturing.
  • Phone: 604-821-1166, Fax: 604-821-0302
    Retails - T-Shirts Promotional Services
  • Phone: 250-549-1323, Fax: 250-549-1344
    Silk screen printing
  • Valley Graphics Ltd.
    Fredericton, NB
    Phone: 506-459-3346, Fax: 506-450-2168
    Silk screen printing.
  • Phone: 416-759-4404, Fax: 416-759-4408
    Manufacturers of Graphics Images
  • Phone: 306-525-0548, Fax: 306-525-3465
    License plates, silk screen printing, decals, traffic products, stands, commercial signs.
  • Mirabau Inc.
    Montréal, QC
    Phone: 514-737-3310, Fax: 514-737-1142
    Mfrs. Screen Printers/Printing Services.
  • Phone: 418-682-5650, Fax: 418-682-5636
    Silk screen printing
  • Phone: 416-757-3221, Fax: 416-757-3427
    Manufacturing of nameplates and other metal plates in numerous materials and finishes.
  • Sportop Marketing Inc.
    Thunder Bay, ON
    Phone: 807-346-5400, Fax: 807-346-5401
    Screen printing (textile), Embroidering, Advertising specialties, T-shirts, Hats
  • Phone: 519-659-2620, Fax: 519-659-2631
    Silk screen printing, advertising displays, labels.
  • Poly-Con Decorating Ltd.
    Downsview, ON
    Phone: 416-736-6888, Fax: 416-739-7428
    Silk screen printing, Labels
  • Phone: 705-733-3404, Fax: 705-733-3565
    Hearing protection, faceshields and communication headsets and systems for high noise areas.
  • N P Publicite Inc.
    Drummondville, QC
    Phone: 819-477-9630, Fax: 819-478-4415
    Stickers, control boards, identification plates, computerized lettering, logos, signs, labels.
  • NeedleWorks Inc.
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-501-1033, Fax: 905-501-0398
    Silk screen printing, embroidering
  • Mikan Inc.
    Saint-Laurent, QC
    Phone: 514-332-9002, Fax: 514-336-5606
    Textile label, silk screen printing, ribbons, tags.
  • Mar B. Graphics Inc.
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-785-5230, Fax: 416-785-0651
    Screen printing (textile), Printing (textile), Embroidering