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Cigars in Canada

  • Vapemal vape coil
    Scarborough, ON
    • Phone: 647-503-1692
      We carry a wide selection of authentic coils for vapes from several popular e-cigarette brands. Our coils are competitively priced to meet the needs of both you and your customer.
  • Ashley Usher
    Brantford, ON
    • Phone: 866-605-7827
      Cigar Star humidors are essential for keeping your cigars at their peak while aging your cigars. Our Humidors will perfectly replicate the tropical paradise in which most exquisite cigars are ...more
  • DashVapes Pickering
    Pickering, ON
    • Phone: 905-231-0773
      Are you looking for electronic cigarettes in Pickerin? Look no further. In recent times, more and more people have sought an alternative to traditional cigarettes in the form of ecigarettes, ...more
  • Urban Vapour
    Toronto, ON
    • Phone: 647-692-4033
      Urban Vapour, a team dedicated to bringing you the best Electronic Cigarettes on the market!
  • DashVapes Markham
    Markham, ON
    • Phone: 905-604-3274
      Are you looking for electronic cigarettes in Toronto? Look no further. In recent times, more and more people have sought an alternative to traditional cigarettes in the form of ecigarettes, ...more
  • Gord's Smoke Shop Ltd
    Red Deer, AB
    • Phone: 403-343-1588, Fax: 403-346-1588
      Family owned and operated since 1996 Gord’s Smoke Shop is Red Deer’s Smokin’ N’ Tokin’ Superstore! We are an 18+ store that proudly displays all of our tobacco. Customer service and product ...more
    • Phone: 705-762-1923, Fax: 705-762-1924
      Convenience Stores
  • Alburz Smoke Shop
    Burnaby, BC
    • Phone: 604-433-4448
      Your one stop shop for all your smoking needs! Our collection of smoking accessories includes Vaporizers, Bongs, Pipes, Grinders, Scales, Rolling Papers, Hookahs, E-Cigarettes and more. We ...more
  • Cheap Smokes & Cigars
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-475-2437
    Cigarettes Sold by the Pack or Carton. All major brands, many specialty cigarettes and some special orders totalling over 130 options. Put your name down on our carton list and it will ...more
  • Phone: 877-805-9666
    Romeo ful Julieta is really a great cigar which is surely an individuality a couple of cigar makes very first is manufactured in Cuba with regard to Habanos SA and also the other is with the ...more
  • Royal Habanos LTD.
    Sydney, NS
    Phone: 888-658-0561
    Royal habanos embraces all cigar enthusiasts together with heartiest understanding. VIP Cuban cigars have become supplying the actual world’s ideal libraries regarding quality cigar manufacturers ...more
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 888-627-1017
    Cigars are about slowing things down and enjoying life,” this shop a stone’s throw north of the Loop reminds us. They feature a broad inventory of cigars, including several imports, and they ...more
  • Phone: 416-363-7575, Fax: 416-363-7184
    Located in the heart of Canada's financial district at King & York, we carry a humidor full of cigars and an assortment of smoking accessories as well as a fine collection of writing instruments ...more
  • Phone: 709-944-6691, Fax: 709-944-2949
    Full service wholesale distributor
  • Main St Convenience
    Niagara Falls, ON
    Phone: 905-371-3539
    Variety, Stationary, Magazine Store (Best selection of magazines in town)
  • Phone: 519-456-6127, Fax: 519-456-6127
    Convenience & variety store, cheap smokes & cigar in area, Hanging basket, lottery.
  • Pick 'n Pay Foods
    Burnaby, BC
    Phone: 604-421-6419
    Pick n’ Pay food, Your Corner Store & Cigar Store is one stop shop for Groceries, Gift Items,General Marchandise, Ice cream, Imported Pop,Car Chargers, Prepaid Cellular Minutes,Cigar, Cigar ...more
  • JTI-Macdonald Corp.
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-804-7300, Fax: 905-804-7301
  • National Grocers
    London, ON
    Phone: 519-685-5462, Fax: 519-685-0452
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • National Tobacco Co Ltd
    Pointe-Claire, QC
    Phone: 514-697-5577, Fax: 514-697-6122
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Aro Tabac
    Saint-Laurent, QC
    Phone: 514-744-9449
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Barton Humidors
    Brampton, ON
    Phone: 905-457-3143
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Smoke & Gift
    Kingston, ON
    Phone: 613-384-7874
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Empire Tobacco
    London, ON
    Phone: 519-679-2523, Fax: 519-679-0524
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Tel-star Marketing Group
    Woodbridge, ON
    Phone: 905-265-1366, Fax: 905-265-1372
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Tabac Lepine Inc
    Lavaltrie, QC
    Phone: 450-586-2166, Fax: 450-586-0466
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Tabacs Tabec Inc
    Delson, QC
    Phone: 450-638-2475, Fax: 450-632-8866
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Phone: 519-473-7916
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Jti Macdonald Corp
    London, ON
    Phone: 519-434-9466
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Alexandre Gaudet Ltee
    Drummondville, QC
    Phone: 819-478-3411, Fax: 819-478-3411
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Phone: 416-596-6597, Fax: 416-596-6597
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Phone: 418-687-2961, Fax: 418-687-1953
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Phone: 514-593-7227, Fax: 514-593-8467
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Phone: 613-526-2330, Fax: 613-526-3939
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Phone: 905-451-7570
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Phone: 905-634-0171
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Phone: 519-681-1323
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco-manufacturers
  • Phone: 514-932-6161, Fax: 514-939-0432
  • Imperial Tobacco Canada Limite
    Richmond Hill, ON
    Phone: 905-707-9044, Fax: 905-707-5290
    Tobacco products, cigarettes
  • House of Horvath Inc.
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-534-4254, Fax: 416-534-5931
  • Craft Briar Pipes
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-362-0581
    Hand made smoking pipes and repairs.