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Prepared Fresh or Frozen Fish and Seafoods in Ontario

  • bogocanada
    Huntsville, ON
    • Phone: 613-555-0116
      Bogo Canada is an Online platform that offers impressive Deals to customers for shopping for brands and ordering their favourite food. Bogo Canada provides a convenient mobile or web application ...more
  • Pumpkin Kart
    Scarborough, ON
    • Phone: 647-575-2851
      Pumpkin Kart delivers various delectable delicacies at your convenience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pumpkin Kart offers weekly specials to Pumpkin clients, which is a significant deal ...more
    • Phone: 416-574-7666
      People are very curious to know their coming future and they want every minor detail about their growing incidents and changing life. People show more interest in the astrology details once ...more
  • Europa Foods & Fish
    London, ON
    • Phone: 519-453-7174
      Europa Foods & Fish - Portuguese Groceries, Fresh Fish and Hot Foods. We're a small international grocery shop in London offering variety of fish, meats, cheeses, breads, preserves, sweets, ...more
  • Quantum Food Solutions
    Oakville, ON
    Phone: 647-963-0182
    Quantum Food Solutions Inc. is a group of experienced, high-caliber food safety professionals. Our backgrounds are exclusive to the food processing industry and include: Food Safety, Food Microbiology, ...more
  • Phone: 305-488-3030
    Recipecilaist introduce delicious recipe for Amaretto fizz Add almond liqueur amaretto bols, almond syrup, lemon juice and soda water. Follow the instructions to make this recipes more d...more
  • Kings_Karahi
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-519-4510
    A restaurant depicting the legendary grandeur of splendid and noble past. A vivid and conspicuous realization of the glory of our brilliant esthetical essence. All the way a combination and ...more
  • Phone: 905-497-1195
    UFISHTRADER is an Independent seafood directory which aims to bring everyone involved in fisheries industry and its service providers to one platform to find businesses, whether you are searching ...more
  • Phone: 437-237-2736
    Food banks.
  • Phone: 917-285-7222
    Hello Toronto! I'm Zed CEO/Founder of Save72 and I would like to invite you to check out our new coupon deal site where you can get free coupons for amazing deals in Toronto ...more
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 647-945-6656 Globiness Grocery Delivery Service 24x7 Online Grocery Shopping Toronto GTA Brampton Mississauga Vaughan Markham Richmond Hill Etobicoke North York Scarborough Pick pack delivery ...more
  • Beretta Farms
    Etobicoke, ON
    Phone: 416-674-5609
    Beretta is Toronto's top organic meat provider that offers the healthiest and preservatives free non-vegetarian food for all the people living in GTA. For more than 25 years, we have been leading ...more
  • Meat Boutique
    London, ON
    Phone: 226-667-6235
    Environmentally Aware, Ethically Sourced, Sustainably Harvested. Meat Boutique prides itself on carrying only the highest quality in Meat and Seafood items. All our beef is 100% grass fed and ...more
  • eFresh Meals
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 289-952-3281
    eFresh Meals provide gourmet meal services across the Ontario region. We deliver ready to eat meal via FedEx. We pack meals in temperature controlled boxes that are chilled all time. When you ...more
  • Boreal Foods Ltd
    Ottawa, ON
    Phone: 613-241-2929, Fax: 613-241-2938
    Seafood Wholesalers
  • FoodFams
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 905-827-1316
    Foodfams is the best social networking site where we can share home made food recipes which consume very less time and are easy to prepare.if you are running out of time you can visit this time.join ...more
  • A-1 Cash & Carry
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-676-9950, Fax: 905-676-9167
    Wholesale, and Retail for products such as: Shopping bags, Cash Register Rolls, Straws, Spices, Lentils, Ingredients (Flour, Oil, Sugar). Pizza Boxes, Paper Bags, Garbage Bags, Wax Paper, Take ...more
  • CTLE Seafood, Inc.
    Brampton, ON
    Phone: 647-241-2097, Fax: 905-497-1195
    Frozen Seafood Suppliers, Traders, Exporters. Located in Canada and China with partners in Iceland, Norway, Western Canada and South America. Supplying wide selection of frozen seafood products ...more
  • Lobster Island Seafood
    Scarborough, ON
    Phone: 416-591-6488, Fax: 416-297-5980
    Canadian Seafoods
  • Island Oysters
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 647-808-0471
    Island Oysters is a pop-up oyster bar and catering service. We curate the freshest in-season Canadian oysters with hand-crafted sauces and nautical maritime décor. We are seasoned, speedy shuckers ...more
  • Phone: 289-371-0211, Fax: 289-371-0214
    Strategically located throughout Canada, Great Western Containers is your complete source of industrial containers and packaging supplies. We inventory product at all locations so that you ...more
  • Phone: 416-744-0606
    Importers and distributors of premium frozen food products to Independent Grocers and Food Service clients.
  • Central Epicure
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-745-4323, Fax: 416-745-5297
    Smoked salmon, fresh fish and portion control
  • Nove Trattoria
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 647-345-5848
    nice little Italian restaurant with great food :)
  • Phone: 705-536-3144
    Flavour of Lanka is a home based Catering service which specializes in healthy boxed Stir fries of rice, noodles and roti infusing Sri- Lankan and International flavours with fresh herbs and ...more
  • Phone: 647-347-5358
  • Phone: 905-792-9700, Fax: 905-792-7421
    Meats, seafood, and poultry
  • Phone: 905-452-7741, Fax: 905-452-9210
    Marinated Herring, Marinated Salmon, Horseradish and Sauces, Private label Bottling
  • B R T Provisioners Inc.
    Peterborough, ON
    Phone: 705-295-6833, Fax: 705-295-4707
    Beef and pork by products, poultry by products, fish and fish by products, general commodities, (fruit, fruit juices, concentrates, vegetables), food products (frozen/canned) and pet consumer ...more
  • AD Fire
    Scarborough, ON
    Phone: 416-292-2361, Fax: 416-298-5887
    Sprayed fireproofing and firestopping products for structural steel.
  • Phone: 519-676-2030, Fax: 519-676-4343
    Fish and Seafood Services
  • Ultra Fish
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-769-1221, Fax: 416-769-1148
  • Purdy Fisheries Ltd.
    Point Edward, ON
    Phone: 519-344-3732, Fax: 519-344-8132
    Fish (prepared)
  • Purvis Fisheries Ltd.
    Silver Water, ON
    Phone: 705-283-3131, Fax: 705-283-3690
    Fish (prepared), Fish (frozen), Fish (smoked), Fresh fish
  • Presteve Foods Limited
    Wheatley, ON
    Phone: 519-825-4677, Fax: 519-825-7006
  • Mannarich Foods Inc.
    Markham, ON
    Phone: 905-471-9656, Fax: 905-471-2835
    Meat (beat), Fish (prepared), Food products (oriental) Frozen entre
  • Phone: 416-622-9855, Fax: 416-622-7615
    Fish products
  • Henry H Misner Limited
    Port Dover, ON
    Phone: 519-583-1811, Fax: 519-583-1529
    Manufacturing about Frozen Fish
  • Win Win Seafoods CO
    Scarborough, ON
    Phone: 416-332-1996
  • Phone: 905-776-2108
    Prepared Fresh-frzn Fish/seafoods (mfr)
  • Fine Kettle-o-fish
    Niagara Falls, ON
    Phone: 905-357-3474, Fax: 905-374-3474
    Prepared Fish & Seafood Products (mfr)
  • Hatten Fish Farm
    Chatsworth, ON
    Phone: 519-794-3848
    Prepared Fish & Seafood Products (mfr)
  • North Fish Co Ltd
    Etobicoke, ON
    Phone: 416-236-4891
    Prepared Fresh-frzn Fish/seafoods (mfr)
  • Grand-bay Foods Inc
    Picton, ON
    Phone: 613-476-6325, Fax: 613-476-6132
    Prepared Fish & Seafood Products (mfr)
  • Caribex Seafoods Ltd
    North York, ON
    Phone: 416-444-0026
    Prepared Fish & Seafood Products (mfr)
  • Hai Yang Intl Inc
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-486-7616
    Prepared Fish & Seafood Products (mfr)
  • Kalco Foods Inc
    Etobicoke, ON
    Phone: 416-674-8713
    Prepared Fish & Seafood Products (mfr)
  • Raveen Seafood Importers
    Scarborough, ON
    Phone: 416-321-1784
    Prepared Fish & Seafood Products (mfr)
  • Fine Kettle-o-fish
    St. Catharines, ON
    Phone: 905-938-3474, Fax: 905-938-0885
    Prepared Fish & Seafood Products (mfr)
  • Manoucher Food & Co.
    North York, ON
    Phone: 416-747-1234, Fax: 416-747-7005
    Specialty breads.