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General Contractors in Winnipeg, MB

  • Nisby Home Renovations
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-888-2288
      At Nisby Home Renovations, we specialize in providing high quality exterior doors and windows services in Winnipeg, MB. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence as well as our dedication ...more
  • ARZ Contracting Ltd
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-890-8575
      Providing general contracting services to home and business owners in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, ARZ Contracting Ltd is your go-to source for quality renovations, repairs, and const...more
    • Phone: 204-231-3456, Fax: 204-231-3636
      At Regent Construction we have been in business for over 25 years, and our employees have an average of 15 years experience in the industry. We offer general contracting and project management ...more
    • Phone: 204-661-9229
      At Sumka Brothers Greenhouses it is our aim to offer our customers three things to ensure the utmost enjoyable shopping experience – amazing service, the best quality, and unbelievable selection! ...more
    • Phone: 204-233-3717, Fax: 204-237-3534
      Con-Pro Industries Canada Ltd has an experience of over 50 years in general contracting in Winnipeg, MB. We specialize in design building for various industries. Call us for more informa...more
  • Huntington Homes
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-949-3870, Fax: 204-949-3876
      Located in Winnipeg, Huntington Homes show homes are open Monday to Thursday from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM and Saturday to Sunday from 1:00 PM- 5:00 PM. Come by to see the home of your dreams! See ...more
    • Phone: 204-989-5400, Fax: 204-489-8579
      At Thomas Design Builders Ltd in Winnipeg, our skill and experience covers all building types. Whether it`s steel, wood, concrete, masonry or pre-engineered buildings, we've got it all a...more
  • CRS Homes
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-480-8080
    • Phone: 204-990-6576
      At De Vries Construction & Renovation we pride ourselves on customer service and superior Workmanship. Our goal is to help your project go from vision to reality, as smoothly as possible, with ...more
    • Phone: 204-233-3292, Fax: 204-237-0411
      Serving Winnipeg, LOWE Mechanical Services is available 24/7 for refrigeration, mechanical, electrical and building controls emergencies. We repair heating systems, boilers, compressors and ...more
  • Goldbullionshop
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 225-522-1785
      Goldbullionshop offers, gold,silver, and platinum coins, bullions and bars from the present times to the antiquities. Browse the site to discover the ...more
    • Phone: 204-470-5036
      Hrabchak & Mclellan Contracting Ltd is your trusted general contractor, operating in Winnipeg, MB. We specialize in residential and commercial contracting services. Get in touch with us ...more
  • Genius Contracting
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-806-6180
    • Phone: 204-661-0117, Fax: 204-661-1100
      At Bonafide Carpentry Services, we are committed to exceeding our customers' expectations. From a simple floor tile repair to a full scale renovation, we have the knowledge and experience to ...more
    • Phone: 204-945-9020, Fax: 204-945-9023
      W.C. Enterprises / Wise Choice Homes brings a new perspective to home building in Winnipeg. We offer custom homes to suit your personal taste and what works for your family. Make your dream ...more
  • Harris Builders Ltd
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-953-1050, Fax: 204-488-5057
      Harris Builders Ltd is a reliable general contractor in Winnipeg offering home inspections and all aspects of construction from foundation to roof. Call our custom home building and renovations ...more
  • Oasis Construction Ltd
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-255-5544
  • Who Did It
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-294-8881
      Who Did It provides Fine Finish Carpentry services for your house, condo, cabin. We also provide deck (wood & composite) services, fence services, and landscaping. We provide services to Winnipeg, ...more
    • Phone: 204-897-4600
      With decades of experience successfully building a variety of projects, Gragam has the skills and expertise to realize your vision for any size project, from strategic planning through c...more
  • Phone: 204-389-2023, Fax: 204-389-4040
  • Olympic Buildings
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-661-8600, Fax: 204-654-2958
  • Pegside Construction
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-509-0113
    We at Pegside Construction service three provinces which include Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. We are known for our company's professionalism, amazing customer service, and our ambition ...more
  • Phone: 204-296-1397
    Creative Design Contractors Ltd came to be known as an exceptionally reliable, trustworthy home renovation company in Winnipeg. We excel in home renovations: kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, ...more
  • Global Homes Inc
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-339-2300, Fax: 204-339-8366
  • Phone: 204-633-8107, Fax: 204-694-3145
  • Phone: 204-226-3068
    Universal Inspections provides home inspection services to Winnipeg and surrounding areas. With over 20 years experience in commercial and residential construction we bring a large knowledge ...more
  • Hometown Builders Ltd.
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-782-1264
    Hometown Builders Ltd. is a Premium Custom Home Builder serving Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We are completely custom and will build to your designs needs and wants. We will work directly ...more
  • Davis Drywall LTD
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-922-3014
    Davis Drywall is Winnipeg’s full service general contracting company. From plumbing to home building, we can help you complete any of your home goals. Get started and give us a call today.
  • Mastek Inc
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-817-5178
  • Sphere Media agency
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-977-2805
    The Web Company You Click With - Winnipeg Web Design, Digital Marketing & Branding. A great website does so much more than make you look good. Its design and look should touch conversion ...more
  • Stand Tall Contracting
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-292-3192
    If you're looking for a painting company in Winnipeg, MB that specializes in both Residential and Commercial. Stand Tall Contracting focuses on Proper Preparation, Safety, High Quality Work ...more
  • Phone: 204-694-8318
    Winnipeg Stonetops specialises in the finest in high-quality, top-of-the-range quartz and granite kitchen countertops. Because we believe a kitchen countertop should endure and flourish without ...more
  • Winnipeg Flooring
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-289-0839
    We are a well-recognized flooring contractor, providing complete flooring services in Winnipeg. We install laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood ...more
  • Cobblestone Homes Inc
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-257-3904
    At Cobblestone Homes Inc. in Winnipeg, we're dedicated to helping you build your dreams. We take pride in providing you with reliable home building solutions, without breaking the bank. Contact ...more
  • Phone: 204-256-6770
    Look no further for your new dream home, Winnipeg. Larwyn Custom Homes Ltd can build everything from executive homes to starters and everything in between. For more than 25 years, Larwyn Custom ...more
  • Phone: 204-296-0903
    We tailor our renovation services to meet the unique needs of every client we serve. We offer services ranging from small scale, to large scale. Anything that you can visualize, we can design ...more
  • EY Construction
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-803-0251
    EY Construction provides home renovation in Winnipeg including kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation. We will take care all your needs.
  • R N R Installation
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-981-1942
    Specializing in building reinforcements, RNR Installation offers Winnipeg with expert structural installation and maintenance services. Our CWB-certified workers have the skill and experience ...more
  • Cory Cooke Contracting
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-990-2532
    Place all your home improvement and renovation projects in the hands of the expert contractors at Cory Cooke Contracting. We take on both residential and commercial projects for clients throughout ...more
  • Phone: 204-227-1377
    At Well Refined Renovations we are specialists in interior renovations, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We are the solution to all your renovations needs.
  • DMVdesign Inc.
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-809-4250
    Our team of highly competent Winnipeg, MB General Contractors is committed to providing the best services for any of your needs. Don't hesitate to call DMVdesign Inc. for all your projects.
  • Alair Homes Winnipeg
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-615-6500
    Alair Homes Winniepg is an entirely new brand of contracting company. Our philosophy is very simple; we want to get on the same side of the fence as our clients and become completely unified ...more
  • Xcalibur Group
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-237-7787
    If you are in need of great Winnipeg, MB General Contractors to provide excellent building and repair services for your home, call Xcalibur Group. You won't be disappointed.
  • Chartrand Construction
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-997-3341
    Chartrand Construction is a General Contractor located in Winnipeg, MB and has been servicing all of Winnipeg & the surrounding areas for many years. We specialize in Home Renovations, Bathroom ...more
  • Dueck Homes
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-977-8543
    At Dueck Homes, we strive to deliver custom projects that fit all your needs and specifications. For the best Winnipeg, MB General Contractors, call us today.
  • Protime Group
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-809-8983
    At Protime Group, we are Winnipeg, MB General Contractors who will thoroughly complete any project at a competitive price. We take pride in our high level of service.
  • Prairie Mobile Homes
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-857-9032, Fax: 204-255-2413
    Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Prairie Mobile Homes offers mobile home set up supplies, to mobile home dealers throughout Winnipeg, rural Manitoba, and Canada. Owned by Mr. Darcy Bernardin, ...more
  • Phone: 204-998-3448
    Winnipeg's #1 Tiling and Stone Veneer Masonry contractor. We offer full service Tile install and Stone veneer installation.
  • Phone: 204-809-4198
    In need of experienced Winnipeg, MB Electricians? Don't hesitate to call Long Beach Construction for all your electrical needs. We take great pride in our fantastic workmanship.
  • Summit View Builders
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-355-7515
    Summit View Builders is proud to be a leading home improvement company serving residents throughout Manitoba. Our ultimate goal has always been to provide our customers with only the best home ...more