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Fabricated Rubber Products (various) in Ontario

  • ISO 9001:2000 registered distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, seal kits and components for mobile and industrial applications
  • Rubber O-rings, sheet rubber and gaskets.
  • Cambridge, ON
    Distilling Equipment, Ceramic Pumps, Gauges, Glass
  • Patterson Industries (Canada) Limited engineers, designs and manufactures a vast range of process equipment and turnkey systems.
  • Manufacturers of Synthetic Rubber & Rubber Products, including rubber & polyurethan rollers, rubber or elastomeric covered, and silicone rolls
  • Cambridge, ON
    Fastener distributor and wholesaler.
    • Phone: 599-234-7069
      Quality, cost effective rubber and plastic mold and molding. First class silicone rubber mold and rubber molding supplier, rubber products and silicone mold and silicone products, automotive ...more
    • Phone: 519-623-2024, Fax: 519-740-2140
      Industrial Power & Control is the solution provider for crane, hoist and monorail systems. From conductor bar to festoons, motor controls and pendants, we can help find solutions for your electrification ...more
  • Tuf-loc Rubber Flooring
    Cambridge, ON
    • Phone: 905-252-4207
      Made in Canada our flooring options protect your floor, your equipment and yourself with thick durable and cushioning rubber. Great for home gyms, Crossfit, commercial applications, stalls, ...more
  • ROSTA Inc.
    Uxbridge, ON
    • Phone: 905-852-1929, Fax: 905-852-1861
      Oscillating equipment, suspension units, rubber springs, and chain tensioners, tensioning motorbases, anti-vibration mounts.
  • Qbm Products
    Hamilton, ON
    Phone: 905-560-4441, Fax: 905-560-4004
    conveyor belt repairs and maintenance. Industrial rubber products.
  • QBM Services
    Gravenhurst, ON
    Phone: 705-689-6116, Fax: 705-689-0039
    QBM offers 40 years of professional conveyor services including hot vulcanized splicing, repairs, installations and pulley laggings. We have 9 locations across North America to offer 24/7 emergency ...more
  • Phone: 905-738-1779
    Proto3000 connects companies and individuals to the digital tools they need in order to achieve greater capability, scalability, and efficiency. Having worked with thousands of companies, from ...more
  • Phone: 416-630-6649, Fax: 416-630-8423
    Flexible specialty foams for filters, medical, automotive, packaging, industrial and consumer use.
  • Knapp Fasteners
    Cambridge, ON
    Phone: 519-653-4558, Fax: 519-653-0294
    Fastener distributor and wholesaler.
  • Phone: 416-293-1990, Fax: 416-293-1286
    Rubber O-rings, sheet rubber and gaskets.
  • Phone: 905-888-1912, Fax: 905-888-9365
    Packaging Technology - bottle unscramblers, liquid fillers, tablet fillers, inline capping machine, labeling machines.
  • Phone: 905-619-8001, Fax: 905-619-8816
    Ribbon , paddle, conical and V-shell mixers, hammermills, crushers and lumpbreakers, sanitary bag dump stations, and related equipment for complete dry powder blending systems. Distributor for ...more
  • Phone: 416-694-3381, Fax: 416-691-2768
    Patterson Industries (Canada) Limited engineers, designs and manufactures a vast range of process equipment and turnkey systems.
  • Pegasus Glass
    Cambridge, ON
    Phone: 519-620-7991, Fax: 519-620-7992
    Distilling Equipment, Ceramic Pumps, Gauges, Glass
  • Daemar Inc.
    Oakville, ON
    Phone: 905-847-6500, Fax: 905-847-6943
    Daemar Inc. prides ourselves on our efforts to be the industry’s first choice of Fluid Sealing and Precision Component solutions.
  • Phone: 416-614-9167, Fax: 416-614-9170
    Western Tarp is a leading manufacturer of industrial textile products.
  • Phone: 416-675-4233, Fax: 416-675-9416
  • Phone: 905-507-4580, Fax: 905-507-4589
    All Custom Gasket & Materials Limited is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations.
  • Phone: 519-746-1210, Fax: 519-748-4489
    WIT Manufacturing Ltd. provides precision-machined components using high speed CNC controlled equipment.
  • Advance Fasteners Ltd.
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-673-3040, Fax: 905-673-3024
    Standard and special fasteners in imperial and metric, in all alloys, nuts, bolts, washers, studs, wood, tapping, self drilling screw & socket screw products
  • Fisher & Ludlow
    Burlington, ON
    Phone: 905-632-2121, Fax: 905-632-6295
    Manufacturer and fabricator of metal bar and safety gratings, treads and expanded metal.
  • Budlar Flexible Products
    Cambridge, ON
    Phone: 519-622-3868, Fax: 519-622-3090
    Custom vulcanized O-rings, seals and extrusions.
  • Phone: 800-665-7325, Fax: 800-565-6990
    ISO 9001:2000 registered distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, seal kits and components for mobile and industrial applications
  • Darcor Casters
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 866-476-2554, Fax: 416-251-6117
    A complete line of ergonomically designed casters for heavy-duty, industrial, institutional and office use.
  • Caframo Limited
    Wiarton, ON
    Phone: 519-534-1080, Fax: 519-534-1088
    Portable AC/DC and stovetop fans, heaters and humidifiers, laboratory equipment, magnetic and overhead stirrers, and battery powered bellows, thermoelectric products
  • Phone: 519-473-1116, Fax: 519-473-2287
    Endless rubber shrinking blankets.
  • Phone: 905-564-3215, Fax: 905-564-2192
    Manufacturers of Synthetic Rubber & Rubber Products, including rubber & polyurethan rollers, rubber or elastomeric covered, and silicone rolls
  • Phone: 613-342-4678, Fax: 613-342-1144
    Laboratory Equipment & Supplies
  • Phone: 416-240-0669, Fax: 416-240-8672
    Mfg of Steel Products
  • Phone: 416-626-0700, Fax: 416-626-5156
    Rubbers (Raw) Manufacturers
  • Tangibles Ltd.
    Etobicoke, ON
    Phone: 416-747-7858, Fax: 416-747-8546
    Plastic housewares. Custom Profile Extrusion, Custom injection molding. Pad printing, Hot Stamping, Design of display components.
  • Dixon Ticonderoga Inc.
    Newmarket, ON
    Phone: 905-895-5122, Fax: 905-895-9555
    Markers, pencils, glue sticks, erasers, correction fluid, rubber bands, crayons and pens.
  • Nortek Mechanical Services.
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-565-1751, Fax: 905-565-8692
    Contractor of Air Conditioning.
  • Pat's Mats
    Waterloo, ON
    Phone: 519-885-1911, Fax: 519-885-5145
    Mats & Matting-manufacturers
  • Top-Mill Precision Ltd
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-677-6881, Fax: 905-677-6881
    We specializes in manufacturing rubber injection molds and precision cnc machining. Design and Build Rubber Molds 3D Precision Machining Precision parts manufacturing Mold repair service EDM ...more
  • Caps'n Plugs
    Brampton, ON
    Phone: 905-791-1303, Fax: 905-791-3178
    Caps and Plugs for all your shipping, finishing and masking needs.
  • MWE Belting Company Ltd.
    Burlington, ON
    Phone: 905-336-7848, Fax: 905-336-7832
    Industrial, cleated, food grade, rubber and PVC steel cable and gypsum board belting.
  • Phone: 905-669-1301, Fax: 905-669-4124
    Truck brake block and clutch plates, automatic transmission and power shift disc, industrial friction products, feramic ceramic and metallic brake linings and clutch facings.
  • Phone: 905-668-2359, Fax: 905-668-3414
    Plastic & silicone automotive parts
  • Michigan Maple Limited
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON
    Phone: 705-759-8464, Fax: 705-759-0275
    Cutting Boards, Butcher Blocks
  • Johnsonite Canada Inc
    Waterloo, ON
    Phone: 519-886-0222, Fax: 519-747-9155
    Flooring (rubber), Flooring (vinyl), Flooring coverings, Treads (stair), Adhesives (flooring)
  • Phone: 705-682-3233, Fax: 705-682-3337
    Service and sales of Rubber & Plastic Hose & conveyor Belting. Manufacturers of other rubber goods. Other locations include: Hamilton (905)578-6807, Timmons (705)235-2003, Sault St. Mari...more
  • Phone: 905-578-6807
  • Phone: 416-657-1111, Fax: 416-656-1231
    Die cut and molded products, matting and flooring, industrial rubber parts.
  • A.E. Blake Sales Ltd.
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-431-0440, Fax: 416-431-0450
    Pressure sensitive tapes, adhesives, aircraft coatings, silicones, sealants, prototyping resins, abrasives and abrasive tools.
  • Phone: 905-565-8700, Fax: 905-565-8018
    Distributors of name-bran mill supplies, machine tools, precision instruments, fasteners, abrasives, lubricants, and adhesives to various industries, including industrial facilities, end users, ...more
  • Phone: 905-632-3662, Fax: 905-639-2290
  • Adheco Ltd.
    Scarborough, ON
    Phone: 416-291-3504, Fax: 416-291-4043
    Adhesive tapes and labels, adhesives and abrasives.
  • Phone: 905-847-6411, Fax: 905-847-8040
    Hardness testing equipment. ISO 17025 Accredited
  • Phone: 905-871-0412, Fax: 905-871-6494
    Special gasketing and piping for chlor-alkali and bleach industries, floating covers for chlorine dioxide, thermoplastic valves, pipe,tanks, pumps and wear materials, thermoplastic fabrication ...more