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  • About Pneuveyor Systems International Ltd.:

    Pneuveyor Systems International Ltd. specializes in pneumatic conveying of dry bulk solids for the chemical, plastic, mineral, food and pharmaceutical industries. Our in-house engineering staff, product testing and manufacturing facilities are designed for a single source supply, integrating equipment manufactured by the Pneuveyor Group of Industries and providing substantial savings and economic benefits to current and future clients.

    We have done over 4000 installations across the world, our strength being in the supply of fully integrated and computerized systems for solids handling applications, including bag and bulk, blending, storage, weighing, pneumatic conveying systems, etc. All of this contributes to the time and labour savings while guaranteeing a completely dust-free operation. For more information, please visit our Installations, Turn Key Systems and Components sections.

    Global Perspective

    Pneuveyor Systems International Ltd. is a world leader in the supply of bulk storage and handling equipment and has been for many years. Bolstering over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of pneumatic conveying systems, our strength comes from our world experience, having supplied over 4000 clients custom engineered systems both domestic and globally.

    Turn Key Systems

    Specializing in pneumatic conveying systems, Pneuveyor thrives on the design and manufacturing of high quality bulk storage and handling systems for the various industries of supply including foods, chemicals, plastics and cement.

    Often providing turnkey projects for its broad customer base, Pneuveyor is very knowledgeable in the design of fully integrated bulk storage and handling systems. Responsible for the entire project scope, Pneuveyor seamlessly provides system integration between the plant and the supplied bulk handling equipment including controls, utilities and mechanical / electrical installation.

    Pneuveyor is experienced with the integration of but not limited to the following:

    • Explosion Relief and Isolation Systems
    • Railcar/truck container and hopper weighing devices
    • Customers DCS control systems
    • Mechanical handling components
    • Manufacturing Processes
    • Dust Control Systems
    • Slurry / Liquid handling systems


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