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Drawing and Insulating of Nonferrous Wire in Canada

  • Brampton, ON
    Dielectric Matting, Carbon Brush, Aluminum Granules, Petroleum Calibration Standards, Trailing Power Cables, Mining Shovel & Drill Parts, Inspection QA/QC Services
  • Toronto, ON
    PS Components Inc. has been stocking and distributing industrial electronic components since 1985.
  • Woodbridge, ON
    Rotator Products Limited is a Canadian-owned and managed distributor of premium-quality mechanical and electro-mechanical drive systems and components.
  • Burlington, ON
    Sensor Solutions, motion Control and Vision Systems. Precision devices, counters, fibre optics, encoders, proximity switches, ultrasonic sensors, photo sensors, tachometers, banking screws, ... more
  • One of the largest metal distribution & processing companies. Our principal business segments at Russel Metals Inc.; metal service centers, energy products & steel
  • Mississauga, ON
    Standard and special fasteners in imperial and metric, in all alloys, nuts, bolts, washers, studs, wood, tapping, self drilling screw & socket screw products
  • Phone: 604-540-2744, Fax: 604-540-2704
    Cable (manufacturers)
  • Info Boutique Ltee
    Sherbrooke, QC
    Phone: 819-564-4076, Fax: 819-564-1426
    Fiber Optics-equipment & Systems (mfrs)
  • Quebecor Inc
    Montréal, QC
    Phone: 514-380-1999, Fax: 514-380-6097
    Cable (manufacturers)
  • Phone: 514-365-1785, Fax: 514-365-1855
    Wire Harnesses-electrical-manufacturers
  • Target Underground Inc
    Brampton, ON
    Phone: 905-452-8602
    Fiber Optics-equipment & Systems (mfrs)
  • Symtech Canada Inc
    Burnaby, BC
    Phone: 604-320-1500, Fax: 604-320-1506
    Cable (manufacturers)
  • Phone: 416-291-5972, Fax: 416-291-6088
    Fiber Optics-equipment & Systems (mfrs)
  • Bruderheim Electric Ltd
    Bruderheim, AB
    Phone: 780-796-3560
    Cable (manufacturers)
  • Conductix Corporation
    Saint-Jérôme, QC
    Phone: 450-565-9900, Fax: 450-432-6985
    Insul-8 Bar, Hevi-Bar, Cluster-Bar, Safe-Lec Bar & Mobile Electrification Systems For Crane & Others, Manufacturer of Mobile Electrification
  • Phone: 973-835-0882, Fax: 973-835-0877
    Mechanical cables and accessories.
  • Greening Donald Co. Ltd.
    Orangeville, ON
    Phone: 519-941-1920, Fax: 519-941-9683
    Stainless steel wire and steel wire cloth, solid and perforated tubing, air bag components.
  • Nexans Canada Inc.
    Markham, ON
    Phone: 905-944-4300, Fax: 905-944-4333
    Power equipment and data communications cables, copper rod, large, medium, round shaped and fine enamelled magnet wire, transposed cable; cable accessories and turnkey solutions for integrated ...more
  • Essex Canada Inc.
    Concord, ON
    Phone: 905-660-2256, Fax: 905-660-8852
    Magnet wire
  • Draka Elevator Products
    Burlington, ON
    Phone: 905-336-3800, Fax: 905-336-0444
    Manufacturer of electrical and fiberoptic cables for the elevator industry, and industrial, marine and specialty cables.
  • Phone: 306-781-2801, Fax: 306-781-2665
    Markers (field), Cloths, Cable assemblies, Flags(pin), Cloths (wiping)
  • Phone: 514-697-9711, Fax: 514-697-3534
    Round and flattened strand wire rope, locked coil ropes, guy and structural strand, wire rope and strand assemblies, re-sale products associated with wire rope.
  • Phone: 613-432-8566, Fax: 613-432-9373
    Cables (coaxial), Cables (communication)
  • Phone: 604-420-8733, Fax: 604-420-9606
    Analog and digital opto-electronics for transmission of broadband AM-VSB and baseband video/audio signals over fibre.
  • Phone: 403-273-5558, Fax: 403-273-5695
    Cables (electrical)
  • Promark Electronics Inc.
    Saint-Laurent, QC
    Phone: 514-856-1919, Fax: 514-856-1921
    Electronic products, wire and cable connectors, cable assemblies.
  • OZ Optics Ltd.
    Carp, ON
    Phone: 613-831-0981, Fax: 613-836-5089
    Fiber optics manufactures fiber optic components and test equipment
  • Nordx/CDT Inc.
    Pointe-Claire, QC
    Phone: 514-822-2345, Fax: 514-822-7981
    Nordx/CDT currently manufactures and markets over 2000 different products, including cable connectors and patch panels as well as copper and fiber structured cabling solutions.
  • Nexans Canada
    Fergus, ON
    Phone: 519-843-3000, Fax: 519-843-4586
  • Phone: 519-428-3900, Fax: 519-429-0219
    Wires (magnet), wires, cables
  • Phone: 416-674-1490, Fax: 416-674-8539
    Mfrg of Electronical Products
  • Grote Industries
    Markham, ON
    Phone: 905-209-9744, Fax: 905-209-9757
    Truck lighting, mirrors and flashers.
  • Enterasys network
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-361-7100, Fax: 905-361-7070
    Communication equipment, computer supplies, switches (electronic), cables (coaxial), cables (fibre optic)
  • Domtech Inc.
    Trenton, ON
    Phone: 613-394-4883, Fax: 613-394-0108
    Wire and cable products.
  • Fiber Connections Inc.
    Schomberg, ON
    Phone: 905-939-2808, Fax: 905-939-7477
    Manufacture of Leses and Optical instruments
  • DECA Cables Inc.
    Trenton, ON
    Phone: 613-392-3585, Fax: 613-392-7908
    Mfrs. of Telephone Wire & Cables.
  • Focal Technologies Corp.
    Dartmouth, NS
    Phone: 902-468-2263, Fax: 902-468-2249
    Manufacturers & Exporters.
  • Easy Heat Limited
    Waterloo, ON
    Phone: 519-885-2850, Fax: 519-885-5460
    Residential and commercial electric heating cable for pipe freeze protection, residential and commercial electric roof de-icing cables and control, electric floor warming and snow melting cables ...more
  • Texcan
    Delta, BC
    Phone: 604-528-3750, Fax: 604-528-3790
    Distribute Electric cable & Telecom wire
  • Duke Electric Ltd.
    Hamilton, ON
    Phone: 905-547-9171, Fax: 905-544-1522
    Electric mill motors and brakes, renewal parts for obsolete brakes and rotating equipment.
  • Phone: 416-769-5280, Fax: 416-769-2232
    Wire cloth, wire mesh, woven mesh, weldea mesh, filter cloth
  • Prysmian Cables and Systems Canada
    Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC
    Phone: 450-359-6721, Fax: 450-349-6862
  • Phone: 416-756-7225, Fax: 416-756-1713
    Cable and wire.
  • Phone: 416-598-2223, Fax: 416-598-5374
    Design, sales and installation of sound, video, lighting and fibre-optic systems.
  • Lantric Technologies Inc.
    Saint-Laurent, QC
    Phone: 514-735-4561, Fax: 514-735-4564
    Specialized in manufacturing and repairing electrical contacts, shunts, ground straps, braided wire and copper bus bar.
  • Integratech Products Inc.
    Abbotsford, BC
    Phone: 604-852-4050, Fax: 604-852-1987
    High-precision manufacturer that provides full mechanical and electrical solutions for the industrial sector.
  • Phone: 450-293-5304, Fax: 450-293-2421
    Insulated high temperature wire and cable.
  • Phone: 450-979-2275, Fax: 450-979-4110
    Fibre optic cable, patchcord, pigtail, multifibre cable, CATV service cable and single custom connectorization.
  • Unalloy-I.W.R.C.
    Brampton, ON
    Phone: 905-790-3112, Fax: 905-790-3126
    Wire rope and chain, swaged rope, slings and assemblies, stainless products for distributors only, building products, tool steel sales and building products, perforated metals and mesh.
  • Lanetwork Sales Ltd.
    Kitchener, ON
    Phone: 519-570-1670, Fax: 519-570-1344
    Cable assemblies (communication)
  • Warco Equipment Ltd.
    Lachine, QC
    Phone: 514-636-1115
    Filtration and separation equipment including self-cleaning filters, wastewater treatment, pressure filters, gravity separators, mist eliminators, magnetic separators and metal detectors.