• Manteaux Manteaux

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    3035 Boul Le Carrefour,
    Laval QC, H7T 1C8
    ~ 8 employees work at this location
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    Manteaux Manteaux
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    The Odd Job Guy

    The Odd Job Guy
    Mississauga, ON

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    By from Montreal
    non-existant customer service
    I would like to take this moment to warn consumers of this fallacy of a store.. Outstanding Customer Service??? Customer satisfaction??? SERIOUSLY......................shoppers beware!!! First of all my husband purchased a 300$ coat for me for Xmas, and when I opened my gift I was thrilled, it was a beautiful coat, but wait, in the back there was a slight stain probably from being near a radiator for a few weeks waiting to be opened. I thought to myself "surely" a boutique like Manteaux Manteaux and their supposed "solid" reputation, would help me out, after all, i have been a faithfull customer for over 15 years. Off I go to Carrefour Laval to speak to the manager (Dec.27th manager of 4pm to be exact) and am completely confident they will assist me with my problem.... Well this is where the fun begins............Not only did the manager REFUSE to speak to me in english, she basically told me to get out of the store and that she would not accept a loss because of someone else's mistake. Ok I understand they dont want to exchange seeing as it is not their mistake, but when I continued to speak in English and ask if they could return to manufacturer to repair at MY expense, she rolled her eyes at me and continued to berate me in french. I was so insulted and humiliated. This is their customer service, not only refusing to assist me with my problem, but refusing to speak in my language as well, and the icing on the cake, rolling their eyes at me!!! Incidentally , when my husband was buying the coat, not only did two saleswomen speak perfect english, but even a bit of greek as well. Isnt it amazing how quickly one remembers another language when they want to make a 300$ sale?????? All this to say, that I have never been so RUDELY and UNPROFESSIONALLY treated!! I am still in shock, but NOT speechless. — feeling annoyed.
    No, I would NOT recommend this business to a friend
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