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    The store itself isn't too bad, but I won't be going back! I ran into a VERY disheartening situation. And so far, business ethics hasn't gotten back to me. I came home with 4 large banana boxes of food. I'm a mother of two young children and we live in a condo near a Safeway. I ALWAYS use the carts that are just outside our lobby. There is always at least one shopping cart at both buildings. Apparently, an older Caucasian male comes around picking them up in a white Silverado. I had been using the cart to bring the heavy large boxes to my condo while my young boy was pushing the packed stroller which also had his baby brother in it. We were having a very challenging time trying to get our groceries to the lobby. This male had been watching me this whole time, and I had suspected he was going to offer me some help. However, when I got to the door, he demanded the shopping cart. He accusingly asked me where I got this shopping cart from, and I told him where I had found it. In front of my lobby. I had informed him that I would be right back down and return it right after I got my groceries and children upstairs. Cruelly, he demanded that I unload my groceries and give him the cart. Then pointed at a tiny shoppers drug mart cart and told me to use that one instead. Nevertheless, I stayed calm and kind. I took my boxes and groceries out, had to move everything into the lobby by hand. My food at one time spilled out in front of the doorway of the lobby while I tried to move it inside. He didn't once offer to help with anything. He just loaded up the cart and continued off in his truck. Then, I had to try and fit these large heavy banana boxes into the tiny cart (which only fit one box, on its side and one underneath). I have been trying to not let it bother me, but I am just appalled. Everyone I've told is disgusted by this behaviour. I truly hope this is not one of Safeway's employees. There are respectable seniors in this area, and if it had been one of them.. Would he have treated them the same?
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