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  • About Pentalift Equipment Corporation:

    If one could argue that almost all lines of work are strictly regulated, few can really compare to those that make use of loading dock equipment. Every day, companies in such industries face that reality head-on as inspectors from the government pay a visit to their facilities to check whether or not they comply with all the safety measures. At the slightest infringement, an order will be issued, putting your business at risk of having to shut down! That’s why, when dealing with that sort of equipment, you have to be extra careful. You not only need to purchase quality material that is both safe and reliable, you also need to ensure its upkeep and proper functioning.

    For all those circumstances, Pentalift Equipment Corporation can help. Created in 1983, this company has always kept it plain and simple: manufacture nothing but the best quality products that will be backed by a first class customer service. And for the past three decades, this philosophy has made Pentalift grow into one of the most reputable companies in the field. Always ready to listen to their clients, the experts at Pentalift have devised products and solutions to address their specific problems, but that’s not all… Seeing how severe the government’s repression had become, they also decided to make specialists available to go and help customers with their machines; not only to make any repair if so needed but also to give advice on how to implement preventative maintenance procedures. That’s one of the many ways in which Pentalift set itself apart from the competition and rose to the top.


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