• Wal-Mart Canada Corp

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    1940 Argentia Rd,
    Mississauga ON, L5N 1P9
    ~ 700 employees work at this location
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    Wal-Mart Canada Corp
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    North York, ON

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    Reviewed by 4 customers

    By from Cambridge Ontario
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    Treated Horribly
    Today at Walmart in Cambridge Ontario, I was not impressed with the way I was treated. I was asked at the cash out if I would mind running back through the very crowed and disorganized store to check on the price of an item as it had no tags. When I said no please have an employee do it, the cashier sarcastically said "OhhhhKayyy" and rolled her eyes. She called over her manager and asked that someone check on the price. Not bad so far. Then the cashier proceeded to ring up my items and then she cashed me out without asking me if this was okay and told me that I should pay for what I had and then remain at the end of the cash until the price was brought to her and then I could step back in after she was finished with whatever customer she was now serving and cash out with my other purchase. I told her to just cancel everything and I would just leave. I proceeded to customer service to make the complaint about the way I was dealt with and on the way the manager who was working cash today came up behind me and put her hand on me and said that there seemed to be some misunderstanding. I realized that I had a bag in the cart and placed it on the floor and continued on to customer service to make my complaint. Low and behold the manager I had to deal with was the same woman who helped cause the issue. I am generally much more tolerant but this has been happening more and more at this store. I have been berated at customer service for returning a product and for making the complaint that I have been charged for multiples when I have purchased only one. This type of service has got to stop. They are in Retail where it is about "CUSTOMER SERVICE". I will no longer shop at that location as there are others in the area where customers are treated with respect.
    No, I would NOT recommend this business to a friend
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    By from St. Catharines ON
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    Customer Review
    I went to the fourth avenue Walmart in St. Catharines, Ontario tonight. I must say I am completely shocked at the level of ignorance and disrespect displayed to me today by a customer service manager!! At approximately 830 I approached a cashier with my two year old child, with more then 200$ worth of merchandise. The cashier had her customer service manager, Manjeet right beside her. I told Manjeet that the pampers baby dry diapers are price matched. The item is EXACTLY the same as WRITTEN in the flyer. I was shocked when she said she would not honor this as I have made the same purchase hundreds of times, at the same location, with countless people, and various managers!! With a line of ten people behind me she proceeded to consistently degrade me by telling me I was wrong and telling me that because the ad said 10$ off (which is irrelevant to price matching) and that it was more then$10 off at Walmart she would not honor it. Manjeet stood there for 30 minutes in front of dozens of people telling me she will not do it and after 30 minutes the only thing she will do is take my information and call me when she gets a chance! Certainly had no problem taking almost 200$ for the other items at full price! For thirty minutes Manjeet was completely ignorant to your store policies and for common decency! I even showed her the policies on my phone and explained that it was the same! As she was finding she could not bully me, after 25 minutes she offered to call her GM! The GM by the name of Roxanne came to the front and without any question told her it was the same, in fact that is store policy and that I was right!! after waiting almost 40 minutes at this point, my 2year old, whom had been getting impatient, starts crying and being upset. we should have been completely home by this time! While my small child is upset she is still trying to argue with Her GM the price!! Never in my almost 20 years of shopping at a Walmart have I ever felt more humiliated and disrespected by someone in the way that I felt with someone who has been granted the title of customer service manager! I myself work in acustomer service management position, and could not believe how innappropriate she acted; in front of dozens of people, holding up her entire store, with the incorrect information, not even considering the possibility that she was wrong, with my small child with me!! And even after no apology nothing still trying to have her way! Like a child! Yes I got the diapers at the advertised price however I can't believe I even had to pay for them after this complete nonsense and disrespect on the part of someone supposed to be trained as a customer service specialist? I am disgusted at this treatment. I was humiliated and disrespected as was my child who was succumbed to waiting in a cart while I taught this woman her policies in her store!
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    By from Sault Ste Marie, On.
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    Customer Review
    I purchased 1 package of great value gummy treats. 2 packages of great value gummy bears. For my two grandsons. I am very disappointed and alarmed that this product has tartrazine . Upon me researching the ingredient . Is very dangerous to our young ones health. Please check out this information. For our future generations, to live to shopping in your stores. Please find another method to make this product. For a family oriented store. You must revamp your product for people to enjoy. I shop your store regularly. Thank you .
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    By from Cambridge
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    Customer Review
    Not at all happy with the service I had recieved when returning items to wall mart, purchased an x box 360 on nov 30th, the game it came with does not work on the system that I had purchased so I went to return it the next day and they told me there was nothing they could do for me. Also had purchased a bag of pistachios which had worms in a vast majority of the nuts. I was refunded my 8 dollars but that still doesnt cover my gas or time. Not only did I lose money but I could potentially have a stomach full of worms.
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