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  • About Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited:

    There Really Is No Standard Furnace...

    Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited has  a wealth of expertise in custom engineer heating treating equipment for the most intensive application. We take pride in providing our customers innovative, state-of-the-art equipment that aids our clients improve their bottom line and gain a competitive edge. Can-Eng believes that innovation is the cornerstone of any enterprise. Accordingly, we continuously improve and optimize our technology, building progressive heat treating equipment through partnerships and systematic innovation.

    We take pride in the name we bolt onto every furnace we sell. It stands for our dedication to serve our clients with professionalism, integrity and quality that endures the test of time.

    About Can-Eng Furnaces International:

    • Vision
    • We Listen
    • We Understand
    • We Innovate
    • We Build

    At Can-Eng, our vision is to provide the best-designed and manufactured equipment for the evolving requirements of our clients and the marketplace. We also believe that qualified and driven employees are imperative, as there is no substitute for hard work and experience. At Can-Eng, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of customer service from sale to commissioning. Before we build a furnace, we build a partnership, and this is what really counts. From an engineering standpoint, we believe that not all furnaces are alike. We excel at custom engineering furnaces to clients’ unique specifications. 

    Can-Eng takes pride in offering responsive service, parts, repairs and troubleshooting, regardless of where you are located. We appreciate the importance of extending the life of thermal processing equipment. We have retrofit packages and rebuilding capabilities to aid our clients in improving their product quality and increase productivity of their existing furnace life. Can-Eng will keep you informed as to the latest technological innovations that may assist your business in improving your products and reducing maintenance costs.


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