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  • Murphy, N.R., Limited
    Cambridge, ON

  • About Murphy, N.R., Limited:

    N.R. Murphy Limited was established in 1943 and manufactures a complete line of standard and custom fabricated dry dust collectors, fans, cyclones and accessories to accommodate the environmental requirements of all types of industries. We provide a wide range of sizing, from very small units for individual machine applications to large collectors for many applications. N.R. Murphy Limited designs and manufactures the highest-quality dust collecting equipment and supplies. We have designed, built and installed over 14,000 dust collection systems coast to coast. They have successfully solved hundreds of different types of dust problems.


    N.R. Murphy Limited products are employed in the Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Cement, Chemical, Education, Food, Foundry, Metal, Mining, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Powder Paint, Power, Printing, Rubber, Textiles and Wood Industries.

    For your convenience, we have sectioned our products into five main categories:

    • Dust Collectors
    • Fans
    • Accessories
    • Used Equipment
    • Miscellaneous

    Benefits of Relying on N.R. Murphy Limited:

    More Experience - over 65 years and over 14,000 Dust Collectors installed from coast to coast in Canada.

    More Value - Feature for feature, dollar for dollar, Murphy packs MORE into every Dust Collector they build. Get it done right the first time.

    More Quality - Norman R. Murphy still owns and manages the company. Since his name goes on every dust collector, his reputation is at stake. 65 years later, his devotion to Quality has stood the test of time.



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  • Areas Serviced:
    Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge
    Wifi: No
    Parking: Yes
    Wheelchair: No
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