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Testing Laboratories in Canada

  • Toronto, ON
    Are you confused about your ethnic origin? Does something just not add up? Beyond DNA can help you get the answers you have always been looking for
  • Installation, sales, service, training and calibration of precision measuring instruments, digital measurement metrology
  • AccuTest Solutions Ltd.
    Whitecourt, AB
    • Phone: 844-440-8378
      AccuTest is a comprehensive occupational screening and testing company providing services across Canada. The services we provide such as drug and alcohol tests, support a company’s mandate to ...more
    • Phone: 416-269-1717
      Canadian Forensics Inc is an RCMP accredited (RSSI affiliate) background screening agency providing criminal record checks and DNA testing services in Canada. Canadian Forensics Inc provides ...more
    • Phone: 780-708-4115
      Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd is a Canadian engineering consulting company, providing geotechnical engineering, materials testing (soil testing and concrete testing), construction quality control, ...more
  • The DNA Lab
    Guelph, ON
    • Phone: 877-706-7678
      The DNA Lab, a division of Maxxam Analytics, is the largest and most experienced private DNA laboratory in Canada. Maxxam was the first private DNA laboratory in Canada to obtain Standards Council ...more
    • Phone: 226-821-3206
      HIP has -- through rigourous research and development; testing and long-term monitoring -- designed a treatment specifically to treat mould on porous building materials (wood, insulation, particle ...more
    • Phone: 844-679-0111
    • Phone: 204-793-9762
      LJrN Occupational Hygiene Consulting is a Winnipeg based company that provides a wide variety of air testing services to assist industrial/commercial/residential clients, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan ...more
  • Bio Imager
    Toronto, ON
    • Phone: 855-246-4624, Fax: 866-776-2539
      Biological Microscopes offer high quality, cost saving and the best performance per price microscopes for clinicians, lab supervisors,medical technicians and researchers. These microscopes are ...more
    • Phone: 877-920-8378
      Health & Hearing Conservation Consultants is a Canadian occupational health testing firm. Our services vary from drug and alcohol testing to audiometric screening and custom molded hearing ...more
  • Drivercheck
    Ayr, ON
    • Phone: 519-632-9371, Fax: 519-632-9534
      Canada's Fit for Duty Leader
    • Phone: 403-462-1562
      AccuTest is a comprehensive occupational testing company. The services we provide support a company’s mandate to maintain a safe working environment by establishing a potential candidate’s readiness ...more
  • Beyond DNA
    Toronto, ON
    • Phone: 000-000-0000
      Are you confused about your ethnic origin? Does something just not add up? Beyond DNA can help you get the answers you have always been looking for
  • Prélèvements LM inc.
    Boisbriand, QC
    • Phone: 514-891-9607
      Depuis maintenant plus de 25 ans, nous desservons notre clientèle dans la grande région de Montréal, Laval et Rive-Nord. Prélèvements Lm a, au fil des ans, toujours assuré un service courtois, ...more
  • Hoyle Analytical Inc.
    Edmonton, AB
    • Phone: 780-462-2231, Fax:
      Chemical analysis & Infrared analysis.
  • Westlab Canada
    Aldergrove, BC
    • Phone: 604-381-3666, Fax: 604-381-3667
      Westlab is an independently owned, global corporation, who manufactures, imports and distributes Laboratory Consumables, Equipment and Furniture.
    • Phone: 312-380-0529
      Static (solid state) frequency converters are used for converting mains power (50 Hertz or 60 Hertz) to adjustable frequency & voltage AC power source to simulate any country's grid power system ...more
  • DNAForce
    Toronto, ON
    • Phone: 800-830-6306
      DNAForce is an expert laboratory specialized in DNA testing. It has performed thousands of tests which were all received favorably.
    • Phone: 647-799-3793
      If you are concerned about mold, asbestos, or air quality in your home or business, please contact us for a consultation. Our representatives will identify an inspection and testing strategy ...more
    • Phone: 604-532-7070
      Watermain Leak Detection, Watermain Testing, Sewermain Testing, Forcemain Testing, Hydrant Flow Testing, Chloronation & Dechloronation & Inspection, Certified Backflow Testing, Sample Co...more
  • Maxxam Analytics
    Victoria, BC
    • Phone: 866-385-6112, Fax: 250-382-6364
    • Phone: 705-776-9453
      We provide Energy Assessments, Energy Audits, Blower Door testing, Indoor Air Quality testing for homeowners and businesses. Wilde Ridge Energy Conservation has over a decades worth of experience ...more
  • Connect Hearing
    Windsor, ON
    • Phone: 519-944-9102, Fax: 519-944-0465
      Canada's largest professional hearing care company offering the most advanced hearing aids, superior service and aftercare.
  • Phone: 902-555-1118
  • Phone: 204-237-9128, Fax: 855-754-1046
    Analytical Laboratory
  • Agridirect Inc
    Longueuil, QC
    Phone: 450-674-5046, Fax: 450-674-5277
  • Phone: 905-790-9400, Fax: 905-790-9266
    Installation, sales, service, training and calibration of precision measuring instruments, digital measurement metrology
  • Phone: 705-475-9135, Fax: 705-472-3130
    CannAmm offers pre-employment drug testing and random drug testing services. Contact CannAmm and make your workplace safer today.
  • AirChekLab
    Sherwood Park, AB
    Phone: 780-467-0972, Fax: 780-490-0472
    Specialize in supplied breathing air analysis and medical air testing for Safety, Fire, Manufacturing, Sandblasting, Coating, Paint, Diving and Oil Industries. Using Z180.1, Z94.4, Z275, Z305 ...more
  • Xogen Technologies Inc
    Orangeville, ON
    Phone: 519-941-9500, Fax: 519-941-9502
    XOGEN® Technologies is a superior solution for wastewater treatment. The XOGEN® treatment process is odourless, compact, scalable and reduces the treatment time compared to conventional systems. XOGEN® ...more
  • CASSEN Testing Labs
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-679-9663
  • ALS Minerals
    North Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-984-0221, Fax: 604-984-0218
    ALS Minerals is the leading full-service provider of testing services for the global mining industry, providing unparalleled global coverage for a dynamic industry that seeks consistency, reliability, ...more
  • Chipworks Inc.
    Ottawa, ON
    Phone: 613-829-0414, Fax: 613-829-0515
    Patent Technology Services Semionductor
  • Phone: 905-470-5998
    Gentox Labs is a biotech company offering ERMI Mold DNA testing and Bed Bug DNA testing.
  • SGS Canada Inc.
    Burnaby, BC
    Phone: 604-638-2349
  • SGS Canada Inc.
    Burnaby, BC
    Phone: 604-638-2349, Fax: 604-444-5486
    Marine services labortory test inspection services
  • Phone: 514-646-5227, Fax: 514-646-5227
    Home and office blood taking services. Private laboratory services
  • Phone: 902-422-8561, Fax: 902-835-9258
    A. D. Tupper & Associates Limited is a Forensic Professional Engineering firm that provides comprehensive failure analysis, reports and advice for various types of casualties in both civil and ...more
  • Petro Laboratories Inc
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-361-2388
    Laboratories-analytical testing for various types of oil, grease and aqueous samples
  • Phone: 604-431-8882, Fax: 604-431-8714
    Calibration Services
  • Noetic Engineering Inc
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-414-6241
  • Irisndt Corporation
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-437-2022, Fax: 780-436-4873
    Non Destuctive Testing & Engineering Services
  • Phone: 905-829-3040, Fax: 905-829-4196
    Computer laboratories, language laboratories, commercial and professional audio distribution, conference and simultaneous translation systems, digital audio storage devices and assistive listening ...more
  • Phone: 514-937-9937, Fax: 514-937-9578
    Research Facility for Agricultural Products
  • Phone: 250-627-1906, Fax: 250-627-8214
    Laboratories-analytical Water Testing
  • Accurassay Laboratories
    Thunder Bay, ON
    Phone: 807-623-6448, Fax: 807-623-6820
    Laboratories-Geochemical Testing Locations: Thunder Bay, ON; Sudbury, ON; Timmins, ON; Rouyn-Noranda, QC; Chibougamou, QC; Gambo, NFLD
  • Phone: 403-265-8987, Fax: 403-265-6776
    Engineering, Sales and Service delivery of Open Hole & Cased Hole Drillstem testing, Completions & Drilling Rentals
  • Phone: 418-872-2345
    Laboratoire d'analyse, alimentaire, pharmaceutique, produit de santé naturel, environnement. Testing laboratories.
  • Marsh Metrology
    Burlington, ON
    Phone: 905-331-9783, Fax: 905-331-5991
    Let us calibrate your equipment fast and keep your business running with our convienent location for hamilton, burlington, GTA toronto area. Marsh Metrology company can calibrate and sell many ...more
  • Phone: 604-520-3321, Fax: 604-524-9186
    Intertek is an ALTERNATIVE to CSA and UL for product certification in North America. Intertek is an accredited third party testing and certification agency for electrical, gas, plumbing, marine, ...more
  • Phone: 905-625-7995, Fax: 905-625-3767
    Diteba Research Laboratories Inc. is a licensed contract research organization (CRO) that provides high quality analytical and bioanalytical research and testing services. Diteba provides full-service ...more